The Body Shop: Indian Night Jasmine product review

I’ve always liked The Body Shop. I remember some of my earliest beauty purchases were from here; every Saturday I used to go to the one in Stratford with my weekly pocket-money and buy the scented bath pearls and soaps that I was OBSESSED with.

So it comes as no surprise that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve stuck with them for some of their more luxurious ranges; their skin care products are amazing, the make up is as good a quality as any high-end product I’ve owned, and their body butters remain my absolute favourite out of everything.

Recently, me and my husband were taking our 5 month old son on his first holiday, to Cornwall. Now, I’m one of those people who loves to take a new perfume on holiday with me, so that every time I wear said perfume once I’m back home I’m reminded of all the lovely memories I’ve made.

So, I was out shopping for some last-minute pieces, and happened to wander into The Body Shop for a browse (any excuse!). I always knew they did perfumes but up until now it was one of the products I hadn’t given the time to, so after debating for several minutes, I eventually settled upon the Indian Night Jasmine range, which is part of the Scents of the World range.

This collection was brought as a special offer, where you get a full-sized bottle of the scent, alongside the shower gel and body lotion for £19.50 (Which I considered an absolute bargain when you consider the perfume alone costs £15).

The perfume is so delicate, but has this rich floral scent that really does last all day. It’s not too overpowering either; I personally find some floral scents can be a little sickly for my liking, and can be – dare I say it – old womanish. But the floral scent here is more subtle, with a slightly heady undertone that comes from the Sandlewood. I really would recommend this perfume; elegant and understated. So much so that I will seriously go and check out the rest of the range when this bottle comes to an end.

As with all Body Shop lotions, the body lotion here is moisturising without being sticky and soaked well into my skin, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and nourished. I actually found this product the most useful; we hadn’t planned on the weather in Cornwall being so damn good (In England, who does?) and were caught off guard with the sun and ended up sunburnt. I found the body lotion particularly effective after a shower – both in the morning and evening – as it primed my skin ready for the day, and cooled it down in the evening (Of course, it doesn’t take the place of a good Suncream, which I absolutely would recommend before going into the sun). It was especially effective at making the perfume last longer, as it naturally enhanced the scent without being too strong and overpowering.

Lastly, the shower gel was a great product, especially as I again haven’t tried many shower gels from here previously. It foamed really well, and left my skin feeling fresh and tingly.

The entire collection really is good value for money, and for a cheaper alternative to normal perfumes, really is worth taking a look at. The packaging looks great sitting in your bathroom, and whilst not in league with some higher end products, is whimsical and attractive, and well suited to the styling The Body Shop has for its products. Overall, well worth the money spent, and would be a great addition to any holiday suitcase!




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