Review: Tanya Bakes

I always love a good recipe book. There’s just something about the glossy pages, appetising photos and simplicity about taking raw ingredients and making something delicious. I especially love baking; I have a whole shelf full of recipes, but couldn’t resist purchasing this book.

For anyone who’s been living under a rock, Tanya is a YouTube sensation. I’ve been following her videos since around the 100,000 subscriber mark, and have especially liked her baking videos. She isn’t the best baker, granted, but she makes baking enjoyable; highlighting that baking doesn’t necessarily have to perfect, but it’s about having fun and enjoying sharing these experiences with those you love. When I heard that she was bringing out a baking book, I knew this would be one for my kitchen.

Firstly, the book is simply beautiful. The bright colours and whimsical stylings look fabulous on the shelf next to all my other ‘boring, plain’ cookbooks. The glossy photos are stunning and vibrant, with each food item presented in such a delectable way, you can’t help your mouth watering. It’s very clear that the image of this book is very important to the publishers, and they really have pulled out all the stops to make this book worth the money you pay for it.

Unfortunately, there are too many mistakes present in the recipes that make it clear this book is a matter of style over substance. What I find utterly confusing is that the publishers have failed to proofread a cookery book, where surely the accuracy of ingredients and measurements is of utmost importance? I know that errors sometimes ‘slip through the net’, and it is impossible to make every page grammatically correct, but there are so many errors that it makes me question whether the book has even been edited! It almost defies the point of having a cook book when you have to google the recipe to check the quantities before you bake.

Saying that, the recipes seem absolutely delicious. Granted, some of them are very unhealthy (I’m not the biggest chocolate fan!), but others I will have to try. Marmalade bread and butter pudding, anyone? Or what about a custard tart? It goes without saying that when my husband is going ‘Make that. Ooh, make that! And that one!’ you’ve got a good collection of recipies.

I know that quite a few people have commented on that a lot of the recipes mentioned are not Tanya’s own, but this isn’t that important to me. I find that a lot of recipes are very similar, anyway, and I think Tanya can be forgiven for having similar recipies to other bakers.

Generally speaking, I do find this book a worthy purchase, despite the frequent errors, although I would not have paid the full price had I known of the errors before hand. It’s an attractive addition to any kitchen, and if it inspires people to get baking, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!



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