July Glossybox Unboxing and First Impressions

I love these summery Glossyboxes. Come rain or shine, Glossybox serves a range of products guaranteed to make you look and feel amazing, whatever the occasion. 

The past few months have been particularly good. The quality of May’s special addition box was hard to top, June’s summer creams put you in the holiday mood, and July’s offerings match that bar set. Not only are we treated to 5 full size products, but the range of products included means that everything is useful, and beach bound or not, everything is a summer essential.

1. Hawaiian Tropic’s Island Berry Lip Gloss SPF25 – RRP £6.99. I’ve used Hawaiian Tropic sun cream for years. I just love the application of the cream, and the scent reminds me of the Caribbean. Despite this, I never knew they did lip products. The formula offers UVA and UVB protection, with ingredients including Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter, providing both sun protection and moisture. It’s a handy travel size, and would be perfect to slip into your beach bag or handbag over the summer months. It smells DIVINE and didn’t leave a sticky residue behind either, which was a bonus as I hate using lip glosses that leave your lips feeling sticky. It’s also endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation, as it protects your lips from any harmful rays for up to 12 hours.

2. Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara – RRP £13.04 – Personally, I think a waterproof mascara is a necessity, especially in the summer. I know they can sometimes be a pain to remove, and aren’t as nice to wear as a normal mascara, but I can overlook these things to have one that doesn’t end up halfway down my face whilst I’m out in the sun. It actually wasn’t too bad a product; there was a little clumping that comes from applying too many coats too soon, but the formula was smooth to apply and made my lashes super long and dark – perfect for a fluttery, doe-eyed evening look. It claims to be water, sweat and humidity resistant; I can’t vouch for the latter points, but Monday was especially wet and by the end of the day my mascara had remained firmly where I put it before I left the house! That’s good enough for me!

3.  U-Tan’s Tan and Tone Night Creme – Travel Size 25ml. RRP £12.50. Back in my uni days I was a big fake tan user. Never one for a sunbed (and sun in England is rare at best), I always used to reach for a bottle to get my sun kissed appearance. I even considered my applications quite decent; very few streaks, long lasting etc. But the one place I always struggled to get a decent coverage that didn’t make me look like an extra from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was on the face and décolletage. This night creme has a nourishing formula that contains antioxidants, vitimins C and B, and the ever magical anti-aging nutrient Hyaluronic acid, which means that not only does it give you a super healthy overnight glow, but helps rehydrate and protect your skin. I used it overnight, and found that the results were incredibly natural looking, streak free and didn’t transfer onto the bedsheets (a very important feature!). It was only a subtle colour, but I reckon that the tan will develop gradually when used over multiple nights. I haven’t come across this brand before, but the results I received from this product means I will be browsing the rest of their collection.

4. HairOn De-tangle Brush – RRP £6.99. I always get excited when I see products like this. As a big fan of the TangleTeezer (and owner of several), I love the fact that something like this has been included this month. As someone with very long, thick hair, the biggest bane of my existence comes from detangling my wet hair, especially when it’s been subjected to chlorine or sea salt on holiday. Any product that promises to detangle knotty hair without any tugging or breakage is a winner in my book. Again, I haven’t come across this particular brand before, but its travel friendly size means that it is a product that I will certainly be getting a lot of use out of.

5. Blank Canvas Cosmetics Flat Brush – RRP £11.95. One product I always like to receive is a new makeup brush. As someone who goes through a lot of them, I love the feel of a brand new brush. The flat buffer brush can be used for liquid, cream or powder products; however, the fibres are so dense I think it works great with liquid foundations. It buffed the foundation into the skin so effortlessly, it looked natural and not ‘cakey’. It also looks great in my collection; the hot pink and gold combination looks attractive and modern.

Overall, a great haul this month from Glossybox, with some useful products that I’ll get many a use from. Let’s just hope we get some sun, now …

Glossybox is available for a £10 (plus p+p) monthly subscription charge. Subscription packages are available. Please see for more details. 


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