Barry M Coconut Infusion nail polish review

I have to admit I’m not the best at taking care of my nails; it’s just one of those things that slips under the net slightly. I’ve got a great skincare routine, I moisturise my body regularly, but I neglect my hands and nails frequently. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when my nails look smart. I have the most disgusting habit of biting the skin around my thumbs, and I find this problem is exacerbated when my nails are unkempt. So you’d think having nice nails would be more of a priority, but alas, it isn’t.

I happened to be browsing the Barry M section of my local Boots, when this collection caught my eye. Coconut is the biggest beauty trend in recent years, and something I am fully on board with. So when I found that Barry M’s new collection contained coconut oil, I was pretty hot on giving them a try. They use a unique blend of coconut oil and coconut water meant to hydrate and protect, and as I’ve heard great things about Barry M nail polishes, I was expecting great things.

From what I gather, they’re supposed to be worn without a base coat and give off the look of a gel manicure, designed to be nourishing and long-lasting in equal measure. This is new to me, as usually I use a base coat and a top coat, so any product that cuts down the effort and time spent is already a winner with me!

The colours are beautiful; ranging from the muted pastel shades to the beige/nude shades that are bang on trend at the moment. Some of the brown shades are very similar to one another, but the brighter colours are bold and fun. It strikes me as odd that there are four Browns in the collection as opposed to some bolder, summery colours; but that’s  just a personal preference.

The application is very good. True to form, it took two coats to get a decent coverage and the polishes dried quickly. They were very glossy and shiny, and looked like a gel manicure. It also didn’t take much product to get a decent coverage, either; usually I find nail polishes watery and transparent, and need to apply way more than the recommended two coats to get a full coverage, but this was certainly not needed here. The colours are so pigmented, it wasn’t necessary for more than two coats to achieve that glossy finish. The brush is very good, too; it’s large and flat which is perfect for single swipe applications, and avoiding staining the skin. A simpleton like me cannot get into too much of a mess with this!

I tried shades ‘Tiki hut’ and ‘Bikini’ on two separate occasions since purchasing the collection. Both lasted well, all things considering. I find that the longevity of your nail polishes depends on how active your lifestyle is; when you have your hands in washing up water, ironing, taking care of a six month old, housework, full time jobs etc, your nail polish isn’t going to last as long. Poor Tiki hut. It lasted a good 2 days before it chipped at the edges. However, I used Bikini on holiday, where I was decidedly less active, and found that it lasted the majority of the week, with very few touch ups.

Whilst on that, these polishes are also good with being layered up; when I applied more polish to touch up any chips, it didn’t go bubbly or raised; also a good thing.

These polishes retail at £4.99, which is quite expensive compared to other high street brands, even some of Barry M’s other polishes; however, they are good quality so would be worth that little bit more. I have a few OPI nail polishes, and find the Barry M ones equal to, if not better. And they’re a fraction of the price; bonus!

Currently as I’m writing this, they are being sold 3 for 2 in Boots, which seems reasonable for 3 polishes. I originally brought 3 (Tiki hut, Bikini and Laguna) but after I got back off holiday I went and brought the rest to complete my collection, as I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of them.

Now, if anyone can point me in the direction of those super cute Barry M phone chargers shaped like a nail polish, I’ll be eternally grateful…


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