NYX lipstick haul!

My local Boots has just added the biggest NYX counter I’ve seen, and it’s safe to say I’ve taken full advantage of this opportunity to stock up and ‘test’ a few products available to me.

I’ve been a fan of NYX for a while, but up until now I’ve only really tried their face products (Their contour palette remains my staple product to this day) and haven’t actually considered their lip products. I am a huge lipstick fan, and have an ever-growing collection, especially with my recent addiction to liquid lipsticks. I’ve read several reviews and Beauty Bloggers swear that NYX liquid lipsticks are some of the best products on the high street.

I have to say it was extremely difficult to get my hands on their liquid lipsticks, as the NYX counter had been raided (massacred is probably a better term to use). The girl on the Boots counter who served me said that they can’t stock up the products fast enough, they’re so in demand. I’m afraid to say that the selection I got probably isn’t the best representation of the colour range, as there is a hell of a lot to choose from. As I add to the collection, I’ll have to keep you updated.

Soft Matte Lip Creams (£5.50, Boots) – This is probably the most popular of NYXs liquid lipstick range. There were a whopping 34 shades available, and I only managed to get 6 of them.

The texture feels so strange compared to normal liquid lipsticks. These are more like a mousse in consistency, rather than a liquid, and when they dry on the lips they feel incredibly soft and not at all drying like normal liquid lipsticks. As a liquid lipstick kind of girl this is very new to me, and something I can definitely get used to. They feel so creamy and lightweight, it was almost like not wearing anything at all! I half expected them to be more transparent, but they were completely opaque and didn’t need a lot of product to get a full coverage.They also lasted a long time, too; I wore San Paulo to a Christening, and it lasted all day, even with eating and drinking. The consistency also means it works well layering up the product; if you wanted to touch up later on through the day, you don’t get that dry, chapped feel with normal liquid lipsticks.

(From left to right – 08 San Paulo, 09 Abu Dhabi, 15 Athens, 19 Cannes, 20 Copenhagen, 32 Rome)

As you can see, the swatches are very opaque which was achieved with only one swipe of the wand. The two nude browns (Abu Dhabi, Athens) are probably my most used, although Cannes has lived in my handbag for about two weeks now. I was a bit apprehensive to try Copenhagen, as even though I love a dark berry lip I usually use a proper lipstick for this as I hate it when darker colours go ‘patchy’, something that I find happens quite a lot with liquid lipsticks. And I have to say, this doesn’t appear to be the case with NYX. I haven’t worn this shade out yet (I’m waiting for Autumn) but when I tried it on, I was impressed with the coverage and wear, so hopefully it’ll be just as good as the others!

On a side note, the wand applicator is great. Because it is small, it allows for a more precise application and allowed me to get a full coverage, more so than bigger wands that are less precise. Also, it smells like a vanilla cake! I will definitely be expanding my collection with a few more shades; there are some lovely looking colours in this collection, and it’s definitely a wearable product. Great value for money!

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (£6.50, Boots) – Again, another range from NYX that I’ve heard and read a lot about, but this was completely stripped bare in my local Boots. There was literally nothing left, other than the shade I ended up getting and a bright Barbie pink.

This was an interesting concept, as the product promises the look and feel of a matte lipstick without that drying feeling. I have to say it is remarkably creamy when you apply it. It simply glides onto the lips, is highly pigmented, and provides a great vibrant colour with only a few swipes. It felt very similar to the soft matte lip creams, except it took a lot longer to dry. Once set, it was a completely matte finish.

(03 Cherry Skies)

One noticeable difference between this and the matte lip creams is that the staying power of this lipstick was nowhere near as good. I found that after a few hours of wear it had cracked and flaked, and parts had settled into the fine lines on my lips. Because of this, it wasn’t the easiest product to layer up. I found that I had to remove it completely then start afresh to make sure it looked good. This isn’t an issue completely, but the reason why I like liquid lipsticks so much was the fact they are long-lasting, and that wasn’t the case with this product. It might have been because I had a darker colour that this was more noticeable; had I chosen a lighter colour, it might not have bothered me as much, but with darker shades any patchiness stands out and isn’t a good look.

Despite this, the lipstick did look good whilst it lasted, but I think I’ll stick to the soft matte lip creams.

Butter Gloss (£5.00, Boots) – I’m not a lip gloss kind of person; I’d much rather buy a lipstick any day, but I couldn’t resist buying a couple of these to try, as I’ve heard such great things about them.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a lip gloss like them. They are highly pigmented for a gloss (and showed up true to colour on my lips!) and so creamy I should wear lipgloss more often! One thing I don’t usually like about glosses is that sticky feeling you get from them, but this wasn’t the case here. They were moisturising more so than sticky, and lasted longer than your average lipgloss. I love the cake related names they’re given, and they smell like cake mix – divine!

(From top to bottom – 11 Maple Blondie, 18 Cupcake)

The colours are great! I wasn’t sure that Cupcake would suit me, as I can’t normally pull of Barbie pink colours, but it didn’t look as striking on as it did in the tube. However, I don’t think these colours are as wearable as the lipsticks. The colour shades that were available looked quite pale and ‘milky’, which might not suit all skin colours. If you are more olive-skinned then the colours might be a little too pale. There are some bolder options, though, so there is a little room for experimentation.

Overall, the Soft Matte Lip Creams are great products, and definitely something that I will be investing more money in. There is a huge selection of shades, and absolutely something for everyone. I will consider some of the other products – there were some of the Liquid Suede shades that caught my eye – but don’t think I’ll be spending as much on the glosses.

Have you tried any of these products? What shades would you recommend?


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