#NationalLipstickDay: My most worn lipstick. 

We all have one. That one lipstick you always reach for for every occasion. That one lipstick that you’ve repurchased several times over. That one lipstick you’ve got in your handbag, your car, your bedside table. In honour of National Lipstick Day, I thought I’d pay tribute to my ‘one lipstick’.

For me, that lipstick is Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, in the shade 15 Red-volution (£8.99, Boots). I absolutely love this lipstick, and wear it all the time. I’m a big fan of a red lip anyway, and have more red lipsticks than I should probably own up to, but I just find this one the best of the bunch. Period.

These lipsticks are amazing, to begin with. They are super matte, completely non-drying and silky smooth with a long-lasting staying power. No word of a lie. I’ve put this on at 7am and not had to touch it up all day; through meetings, food, drink etc. I have several of their shades (there’s 17 to choose from) and cannot fault a single one of them. They don’t feel heavy, they don’t feel drying, they are velvety smooth and so comfortable to wear.

Every time I wear Red-volution I get so many compliments, and so many people ask me what brand it is, thinking it’s more high-end than high street.

Red-volution is a very rich, ‘Russian’ red with blue undertones that creates that sultry, ‘Old Hollywood’ pout. It looks great day and night, is universally flattering and makes your teeth appear whiter. With a classic winged eye, it easily transcends traditional daytime looks and can be vamped up for a more dramatic nighttime look.

Even better, it makes me feel good about myself when I’m wearing it. I feel confident and cool, have a ‘don’t care’ attitude and feel like I can take on anything. For someone who has real body confidence issues, it takes a lot for me to feel like that.

Lipstick has the ability to change your mood, your outlook, to brighten your day and gives you the confidence to tackle anything, so put on your favourite colour lippy and go have fun! In the words of Coco Chanel, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack“. Pucker up!

National Lipstick Day is 29th July.


2 thoughts on “#NationalLipstickDay: My most worn lipstick. 

  1. I have a few of the Rouge Edition Velvet’s, including the shade that is your fave! I love them, they are so comfortable to wear and so long lasting! I’m not a huge red lipstick wearer but whenever I wear red-volution I always get compliments too! x

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