Boots Haul!

I just can’t help myself! Anyone in the UK who shops in Boots knows how tempting it is the minute you walk through the doors. They sell everything! And my local Boots has the most AMAZING makeup and beauty counters; it’s dangerous to even walk past them! I didn’t need anything particularly, nor did I go there with any specific product in mind, but here’s a run through of all the things I got…

Garnier Summer Body Lotion – Shade Deep  (400ml, £3.89) – I love this stuff; have used it for years and think it gives the most natural looking tan. I’ve used other brands (St. Tropez, Fake Bake etc) but still find myself rebuying this every time. At the time of writing this, I’m venturing on my first night out since giving birth with other ‘yummy mummies’ I’ve met on my travels. Since the UK has been having some glorious weather and I’ve spent most of my time outside, my upper body (Arms, neck, shoulders etc) are exceedingly brown, whereas my legs still look like milk bottles. In order to even it up, I’m having to resort to a trustworthy bottle. This stuff goes on really evenly, smells great and looks really natural. I find it works best fresh out the shower after using some exfoliating mitts to rub down your body (pay special attention to your joints – ankles, knees, elbows etc) and by morning you’ll have that lovely healthy sun-kissed look!

Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil – shade 5 (£18.50) – I had a free sample of this in Elle Magazine a few months ago, and have used it every single day since then. I freaking love this pencil! It goes on so smoothly, and looks so natural, it makes filling in your brows so easy! My brows aren’t the best; they didn’t really grow naturally, anyway, and as I was in secondary school during the Noughties, they’ve been overplucked and are very finely shaped. Due to this, I find I have to overfill my brown to get some semblance of a decent shape, and this product makes that 1000 times easier.
NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil – shade dark brown (£5.00) – Despite loving my Goof Proof pencil, I still like to try different eyebrow products, because if you can find the same product for cheaper – always a winner! This product it actually very similar to the Goof Proof in the sense that it’s got an angled tip, so you can use the side to fill in your brows, and the pointed end to get the shape. It seems very ‘fluid’ and creamy to apply, and would probably be good to touch up or fill in, rather than shaping. I like the fact that it comes with a little brush, as it makes filling in your brows that much easier when they’re neatly groomed. The colour match was slightly lighter than I usually go for (only very slightly), so I’ll have to see how this goes and report back to you!
NYX Micro Brow pencil – shade brunette (£7.00) – I know, another brow product! Probably one more product that I didn’t need, but I was interested by the super fine point, and how it would work on my brows, as they are only small. THis comes with more colour options available, too, which is far better – I was able to find a closer match than the previous product. This looked very fine when I swatched it, which would be great for creating natural hairs, and to give an overall more natural effect (Something I prefer rather than overdrawn, strong brows). It didn’t seem as creamy, which means I may have to use a brow gel just to ensure there’s no movement, but again the spoolie comes in handy, especially as it’s very fine for more precise shaping.
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder – Festival edition, shade 52 (£7.99) – This is simply a repurchase of something I’ve been using for years and years. I actually already have a fairly newish one already, but I saw the festival print and couldn’t resist buying another. I’ve actually gone for the shade darker this time (I usually have shade 51) for a change, but would highly recommend this product to anyone. It smells so delicious, is easy to apply, has a matte finish and can be used as a good contouring product, as well as an all over bronzer. I know a lot of people rave about this product, and for good reason, too!
 Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette – 002 Coral Glow (£6.99) – I’ve seen this quite a lot in other blog post and YouTube videos, and it seems to be a very popular product. I’m always a bit wary of contour palettes that offer highlight, contour and blush, as usually one of the products isn’t the best, or the shade options aren’t always what I’d like. I was quite impressed when I swatched this palette, as the shades seemed like they were very universal and would suit my skin tone. I also love the size, as it’d be great to pop in your bag if you’re going away.
L’oreal Mega Volume Mascara – Miss Hippie (£7.99) – I was actually looking for a new everyday mascara, and watched a video about this recently, and figured I’d give it a try. I love mascaras that give loads of volume, and I love the fact that the brush on this is large and full. I quite like the look of the Miss Manga mascara, so if this is worthwhile I’ll give that one a goo, too!
Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Stick 3D Volume Lip Shine – Nudist (£3.50) – This is a complete bargain for the money! I love gloss sticks like this, where you can just throw them in your bag when you’re on the go, and they give a great colour but are also the equivalent of a lip balm. I’ve got a few Soap & Glory lipsticks and think they’re great, and figured I’d give these a go. I like the idea of products that are supposed to give you a fuller pout, so I’ll report back on what I find!
Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Lip Balm (£5.35) – Like a number of other Beauty Bloggers, I use this stuff as a primer. It seems strange, but it actually works really well. As one of the ingredients is Glycerin, it works well at moisturising the skin but also keeping it dry (Great if you’re slightly oily, like me!). Also, primers can be really expensive items to buy, which means that they’re also underused by people. Personally, I love using a primer before applying makeup as it makes my makeup go on much smoother, eliminates any pores and also makes makeup last all day. The fact that this product is three times the size of normal primers means you get far better value for money. I don’t use this for formal occasions, or where I need my makeup to remain pristine all day, but this definitely works for a day-to-day primer.
And that’s it! I was happy with all the things I brought, and I’m looking forward to trying out some new products, so expect some reviews coming your way soon!
Are there any products you’d recommend me trying?




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