Kat Von D Shade Light Eye Palette review. 

Kat Von D products are some of the best is the Beauty world, with plenty of beauty bloggers raving about her liquid lipsticks, her contour and eye shadow palettes. However, they are extremely difficult to get hold of in the UK, and due to high shipping charges, can be expensive to order overseas. 

As I’m not a frequent Transatlantic traveller, I haven’t had the pleasure and wonder of visiting a Sephora store. I do remember about 10 years ago one opened in my hometown, but it was short lived and alas, I didn’t understand the beauty of what it sold at the time.

Last year my sister went to New York as part of her college course, and I begged her to go and visit Sephora to buy me a few things. I gave her a list and the money, and off she went. This was one of the things she got for me, and one of my most used items.

I absolutely loved the idea of this palette. All matte palettes make me very excited, and the fact all are neutral shades and completely wearable was something I had to have in my collection.

The packaging looks great; it’s really sturdy and hard wearing, which is great for the price you pay as it won’t damage easily, especially if you travel a lot. The gothic style writing suits the style of the packaging too, although the font for the shadow names is a little difficult to read. Minor issue!

All the shades are grouped into 3 quads; the neutral shades, the cool shades and the warm shades. Each quad has 4 Shades; a base, contour, definition and highlight. It also comes with a mini guide that provides a tutorial for 6 looks; three everyday looks and three smoky eye looks.

I love the fact that all shades are divided up so you can use each quad to create a look, or mix and match the different shades to suit. I particularly like this because I’m not always the best at knowing which shades compliment each other, so those of you who are similar won’t have any issues with colour combinations.

The shades have a lovely consistency, and are really pigmented and blendable. They do create a lot of fallout though, so I’ve found that I need to complete my face makeup after when using this.

Generally, I use this a lot for my day to day looks as I’m not a big fan of shimmery eye shadows in the daytime, and it’s so versatile. The colours look lovely and are universal to all skin tones; there’s a lot of shades here for everyone to be able to wear them comfortably.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. If you like your neutrals and matte palettes, this is a great addition to your makeup collection. It is on the pricey side, but the quality is worth the price you pay.

And good news too! UK fans will be able to get their hands on it a lot easier; Kat Von D products are going to be available in Debenhams from September! I’ve had my eye on the Lolita liquid lipsticks for years!
Good for your makeup collection, bad for your bank accounts!


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