Coconut oil and its many uses. 

Coconut Oil has been doing the rounds on the beauty and health scene for a while. Not only can it be used as a cooking oil and fat substitute in baking, but there is an extensive variety of beauty treatments as well as a natural medicine that use Coconut Oil as its base. 

I think I’ve jumped relatively late onto the Coconut Oil bandwagon. After hearing about its versatility, I wanted to give it a go and see what the hype was about. Here are some of the way I’ve used it…

1. Cooking and frying. Because Coconut Oil is full of healthy saturated fats, it doesn’t break down at high temperatures unlike other oils. Research shows that even when used for large amounts of time that its quality does not deteriorate, which makes it perfect for healthy frying. Just be careful which brand of coconut oil you use, as that coconut taste can be stronger than others; not something you particularly want to taste when you cook eggs!

2. Replacing fat when baking. Instead of using butter or oils, simply replace them with the same quantity of coconut oil instead. When making pastry or biscuits, or where the fat is supposed to be chilled before use, freeze the coconut oil beforehand. You can also use it to grease dishes and baking sheets too.

3. Skin moisturiser. Perfect for your face and hands as it absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave any stickiness. When you complete your usual nighttime routine, wash your face and warm some coconut oil between your hands. Apply to your face and neck, leave for a few minutes and then rinse off. You can also dab it around problem areas and leave on overnight, particularly areas where wrinkles are appearing to keep the skin hydrated.

4. Makeup remover. Seriously, just a small blob of this stuff completely removed all eye makeup, even the waterproof variety, with minimal effort. I just use a round cotton pad dipped into the oil, and rub it all over my face to remove everything, and simply wash off with warm water. It’s perfect if you have sensitive skin, as the chemicals in normal makeup removers can irritate or damage skin, whereas this is completely natural.

5. Body moisturiser. Especially after a shower, this is a great product to lock in moisture and hydrate your skin, especially after scrubbing or shaving. It also smells great and soaks in quickly, so you don’t feel greasy.

6. Lip balm/Lip scrub – Normal lipgloss can have questionable ingredients, so a homemade lip balm based on coconut oil is both hydrating and safe to use. I’m working on a blog post of homemade lip balms and scrubs, so stay tuned for lots of different recipes! You can even add a slight tint with spices or even a small part of a broken lipstick, for an (almost) natural tinted lip balm.

7. Sunburn aftersun – As a natural protector and SPF, coconut oil is great to run into any burned areas to soothe and promote healing. Don’t use this as a replacement for higher SPFs, though!

8. Cuticle oil – Before painting your nails, use this to rub into your nail beds to soften skin, and promote strong healthy nail growth.

9. Cracked heel moisturiser – I really suffer from dry skin on my heels, particularly in summer. I just slather loads of this into my feet, pop on a pair of socks so I don’t stain my bedsheets, and just leave it to soak in overnight. My feet are left soft and it prevents my heels from cracking and becoming sore.

10. Baby ointment/nappy rash cream – My son is almost seven months ild now, and I’ve been taking him to a baby massage class where we use this as a massage oil. It keeps his skin soft and healthy whilst smelling delicious. I’ve also found it’s acted as a barrier between his skin and nappy, meaning he hasn’t been getting nappy rash. If he does, I rub this into any affected areas and it clears up in no time!

11. Stretch mark reducer – Naturally, through pregnancy I developed quite a few stretch marks, mostly around my belly button. I used Bio Oil all through pregnancy so these weren’t that bad, but since giving birth I’ve been rubbing coconut oil on them, and have to say I’ve noticed them fading over time.

Coconut Oil can be brought in most supermarkets and health food shops, but can be on the pricey side. As I like to have several tubs to avoid contamination (One for cooking, one for me, one for my son etc) this can get expensive.

I’ve been using Coco Loco Coconut Oil, found in Aldi’s for a bargain price of £2.99! Compared to other supermarkets where you can pay £9.99, this is a complete bargain!

I originally found this as part of their ‘special buys’ and brought one to try, but it’s been made part of their permanent stock. Which is great news, because it’s a good quality product!

Do you use Coconut Oil as part of your everyday routine? What different uses have you found? Let me know in the comments!


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