Review: Laura Geller Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush

Fitting in with my blush theme, here’s another that I’ve recently brought in a Feel Unique order; having seen this mentioned in a YouTube review I thought I’d give it a go. 

At first glance it looks like a cream product; the swirl-like pattern intended to mimic gelato ice cream. However, it is very much a powder product. If you have dry skin or large pores powder blushes can be a bit of a problem, but the creamy formula doesn’t accentuate these areas. It gives the same polished look that can be achieved with a cream, with the subtlety of a powder.

I brought the shade Rosewater, which is a beautiful bright pink shade with a subtle sheen to it. It isn’t overly shimmery, but adds a lovely luminosity to your cheeks when used. Based on the colour searches, this actually looks the most ‘glittery’ (it isn’t) whereas the others have a more matte finish.

Usually I find baked blushes a little ‘stiff’ to use, but this is silky smooth to apply, with an almost creamy finish without looking dry or cakey. You do need a dense powder brush to get a better colour payoff, as the finely milled powder didn’t pick up well on a wispy brush.

The colour pigmentation is intense, too. For a natural flush you only need one swipe with a light hand, but the blush is capable of a bright pop of colour when  layering up.

My only criticism of this product comes from the packaging. I paid £23 for this blush from and do not think that the look of the product warrants the price tag. The plastic packaging is plain and tacky, and had a very cheap feel to it. You wouldn’t think it was a high end product with the finish you get. Such a shame, too, as the product is actually very good. The packaging is the one thing that lets this product down.

Yes, I am impressed with the quality of the blush; as the first product I’ve had from the Laura Geller collection it wears extremely well and looks beautiful. However, I would perhaps bypass these products in something that looks more ‘worth’ of the price I’ve paid for it.


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