Maria Nils Luminous Colour Masque review

This was a GlossyBox product I received ages ago, tried once and liked it, but promptly forgot about it. As I’ve been trying to sort through all my products and get rid of things I didn’t like or use, I stumbled across this and rediscovered how great a product it is. 

Before GlossyBox I hadn’t heard of the Swedish brand, but from what I’ve read about them they have a large product range dedicated to colour-protecting shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments to target specific needs from repair, volume, colour refresh and hair loss. Their products are sulphate and paraben free, and they use 100% vegan ingredients.

I’ve spent a long time dying my hair various colours, from black to red and now dark brown, so even though my hair is in good condition it does occasionally feel dry and prone to breakage.

That is where this product steps in. I use a small walnut-sized amount after my shampoo and before conditioner, leave it to soak into my hair for a couple of minutes before washing it out and applying conditioner.

And the difference has been highly notice me! My hair feels so silky smooth and hydrated, you wouldn’t know that it’s been dyed the condition of it is so healthy! Also, I’ve found that it preserves the colour of my hair for a lot longer; it hasn’t faded and become ‘dull’ over time; instead, it’s as shiny and healthy as ever.

Not only that, the smell is to die for. It smells like Starburst sweets and fruit cocktails.

It retails for £18.95 which is ridiculous for s hair Mark, but you get such a large pot and don’t need a lot of product to nourish your hair, so it would last a long time.

I would definitely recommend people with dyed hair who have trouble with the colour fading, or breakage of hair to try this. My hair feels so good after using this every other wash that I will be repurchasing it.

Maria Nils products can be brought VIA the Sally website. 


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