The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Face Mask

There’s nothing I like better than disappearing up to my room, lighting a few candles, popping on a face mask and settling down to read a book or listen to some music. Especially if you’re having a particularly busy or stressful week, there is nothing more relaxing than having some ‘me’ time. 

For me, a face mask is an essential part of my beauty routine. I try and use one at least once a week, but they can be a bit messy and time consuming, so the difficulty can be finding some time to fit them in.

Because of this, I tend to use sheet masks for the convenience, but when I know I’ve got a good hour or two to spare, I do like to use a proper face mask.

Recently, The Body Shop brought out a new range of face masks specifically designed to brighten, hydrate, reenergise and purify your skin. Each product uses a selection of natural ingredients to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, with each mask targeting different problem areas you skin may suffer from. As a big fan of The Body Shop in general, I knew these masks were definitely something worth trying out.

When I smelt each one in the shop. I have to say they are pretty special. There is something to suit everybody’s needs, and it was an extremely difficult choice picking just one. At £15 each they’re slightly more pricey than your average mask, and you get a relatively small pot for this money, so they definitely are a more luxurious item.

I decided to go for the Amazonian Acai mask, which is supposed to energise and exfoliate tired looking skin and enhance your natural radiance. Containing Acai Berry, Gaurama and Babassu oil, this paraben free mask awakens your skin and helps fight the appearance of fatigue.

Upon first impressions, it honestly looks like a jam, and smells similar to one too. It is quite a thin and runny mask, so I found that using a flat brush to apply it helped. It also meant that very little product was used with maximum coverage, so this pot will last a very long time. A specifically designed brush is sold with them separately, but I found using a flat foundation brush worked well (And is cheaper too!)

It has a slight warming effect on the skin upon first application, but this eased after a few minutes. It also contains small seed-like grit, which is great for exfoliating the skin when you wash it off. It made my skin feel so soft and clean too, like it completely removed any dirt or excess makeup that was clogging my skin and stopping it from ‘breathing’ properly.

I genuinely think this is a great product. As I type this, I have it on, as I have every day since I brought it. I also have samples of the Himalayan Charcoal and Eithiopian Honey masks, but I have yet to try these.

It is a beautiful luxurious range, and I think it will be well received by fans of The Body Shop skin care products.

I am planning on buying the others eventually, to indulge in a little mixed masking (why on earth not?!) so I’ll keep you updated as I try each one!

Take some you time, and let me know about the others if you’ve used them!


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