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I’m relatively new to the whole contour and highlight trend. I know, late to the party or what? There’s something about having a more sculpted face that appeals to me; I’ve got quite a round face and hardly any cheekbones so it can be difficult to add dimension. 

There’s a number of different products that I’ve tried and been semi successful at contouring with, but I’ve mainly stuck to powder contour kits and bronzers. Even though I’ve heard cream contour products are easier to blend, I’ve always been a little apprehensive about trying them.

When I was looking at the NYX counter the other day, I saw this highlight and contour stick  and had to give it a go. Not only will it be perfect for travel and on the go touch ups, but it seems like the ideal product to experiment with, in order to expand away from powder products. As I am in love with the NYX powder contour set, I know that any NYX product I try is bound to be good.

So the wonder stick. Basically, it is a double ended twist up crayon, with one side the contour product and the other is the highlight. It comes in 4 shades; light, medium, dark and universal.

To make it easy to apply, it comes with directions so even someone trying contour for the first time should be able to follow quite easily. The product applies nicely to the skin, is smooth and creamy and not at all chalky. The biggest step is the blending.

I used a dense foundation brush, and blended upwards in small, buffing strokes. It blends really easily into the skin and looks incredibly natural. The product is highly pigmented, but it blends away quite easily so needs to be built up to get a more defined contour.

The shade range isn’t plentiful, they could do with adding a few more shades to get a closer match, but the medium shade that I brought was a good match for the skin. But as they are very easily blended they can be as light or dark as you wish, so I guess there is something for everybody.

The highlight was a good product also, although I did find it to be slightly less creamy and more drying than the contour stick. For this reason, I would be careful where you use it to avoid ‘cake face’. Instead, I used this as a way of defining my contour line, so underneath the contour line to sharpen it, and down the bridge of my nose. This worked better, and didn’t seem too drying here either. Just make sure you moisturise and use a good primer, especially if using this on your cheeks and under your eyes.

It didn’t last as long as a powder contour, however I did not set it with a powder afterwards. I’ve since learned that by using a translucent powder over the highlight and a powder bronzer over the contour will help ‘set’ them in place and they’ll last a lot longer.

Generally speaking, it’s a good product. Not amazing, but easy to use and effective. For beginners, especially, it’s an ideal product to start with. At £10.00 it’s not the cheapest on the market, but as with any NYX product, the quality is worth the price you pay.

I haven’t been put off using a cream contour product, and would absolutely use a stick contour again. The convenience and portable nature of them is perfect for travel, and definitely saves space over a palette!

If anyone has any recommended cream/stick contour products worth trying, please leave details in the comments box for me to try!


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