What I Got For My Birthday 2016

I have to say I was a very lucky girl. My family are always so generous, and my husband excelled himself. As much as I hate turning another year older (And another year closed to 30) I absolutely love my birthday, as I get to spend it with all the people I care about the most.

This year was an extra special birthday, as it was the first one I got to spend with my son. And he even got my my own Mommy card and present (I told you my husband excelled himself!)

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Illustrated Edition (Amazon, £15.00) – I am the BIGGEST Harry Potter fan around, and I’ve had my eye on this for ages. I was so happy that my husband brought this for me; I’ve got visions of reading this with my son when he’s older. It is such a beautiful collectors item; the illustrations are beautiful and the book is so well made. I would suggest that any true Harry Potter fan invest in this.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks You know you’re on to a winner when your husband buys you Urban Decay Lipsticks! He got me three lipsticks; Bad Blood (comfort matte), Rosewood (Cream) and Amulet (Metalized). I’m not going to say too much about these as I’m planning on doing a separate blog post, but let’s just say I LOVE THEM!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics, Eye Shadow Palettes. He brought me both Birthday Suit and Enchanted Dream, both of which are a very beautiful collection of shades. They are very powdery shadows, and you do need to work to build up a decent colour but they look lovely on the lids, especially Birthday Suit, which is perfect for Autumn.

The Body Shop Face Masks, Amazonian Acai and Himalayan Honey. This was the present off my son, who said on the card ‘To pamper yourself when I’m stressing you out, even though I don’t mean to’. I haven’t properly used the honey one, but the Acai is perfect for tired skin.

Libratone Zipp mini Bluetooth Speaker. This was the best surprise ever! I’m always listening to music in the kitchen whilst I’m cooking, but the speaker on my phone isn’t the best. I now have a gorgeous Bluetooth speaker to play my music off! This is a great speaker that’s currently on sale in John Lewis, and the sound is amazing! I can’t wait to have a BBQ in the summer when I can properly use it!

I also received some money off family and friends, which I plan on treating myself to some new clothes. I haven’t had anything new since before I gave birth, so I’d like to get some new clothes that hide my Mommy Belly!


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