October GlossyBox Unboxing

I was very excited for this months GlossyBox. After the standard set last month I was expecting good things, and with a collaboration with Estee Lalonde to create this months box, the bar was quite high. 

It was slightly later than usual. I usually receive my box during the first week of the month, but I only received it Friday, so I’ve hurried to try and test all the products out so I can report back to you.

A New Hair Hero (details unknown) – I always like it when I receive hair products like shampoo and conditioner as I don’t tend to spend much time, effort or money on haircare products, so when I do receive something new it’s like a special treat. There are no details for this product as it’s a mystery sample of an updated classic. This intrigued me, but upon smelling and using this it smells suspiciously like Head & Shoulders, a product that I neither use nor like.

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait, Buttery Lip Cream (£12.95, – This is a great smelling product that comes in the most gorgeous packaging. It is a matte lipstick that comes in a lovely rose pink shade. Unfortunately, the shade is about 2 shades lighter than I usually go for, but if feels very nourishing so might be a product I can wear under lip gloss.

Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil Hulle Prodigieuse OR (£34.00, – I’ve never come across this product before, despite it being described as a ‘cult classic’. You are supposed to use it on your hair and skin to give an incredible shine, with the golden flecks providing the appearance of a sun kissed glow. This smells lovely, and I’m sure it looks great on, but when I’m wrapped up in my winter scarf and coat it doesn’t seem like much use to me. This product would have been great in July or August, but seems a little out of place in October.

Universal Beauty Cosmetics Secret Flush, Soothing Cream Blusher and Lip Stain Duo (£15.00, – This is probably the best product in the box. It is a gorgeous pink that when applied to the cheeks gives a beautiful pink flush without being too over the top, and a lovely satin stain to the lips. I love these Duo products; they’re great to just throw into a handbag for on the go touch ups, and always come in handy when traveling.

Bee Good Honey and Camelina Facial Exfoliator (£10.50, – I received a Bee Good eye serum a few months ago, and I use it all the time as part of my evening skincare routine. I used this for the first time after an evening shower ehen my skin as relaxed and pores were open. I just rubbed it onto my skin and let it sit for a minute or two before washing it off. And you do notice a difference. My skin felt exfoliated and clean, and definitely soothed. As it contains natural ingredients it’s suitable for all skin types, it’s definitely worth looking into.

PS… PRO Illuminating Primer (£5, selected Primark stores) – I’ve not tried any of Primarks makeup products, but have been genuinely surprised by the positive response to their collection. I swear by a good primer to help keep my makeup fresh all day long, so was pleased to receive something that I can use day to day. I don’t tend to use illuminating primers as I find they enhance my pores rather than conceal, and my thoughts were confirmed with this. Although it works very well as a primer, and created a radiant glow underneath my makeup, I found that my foundation looked a little more ‘cakey’ than normal, and I put it down to the primer. All is not lost though; this would make an ideal liquid highlighter as it looks beautiful on the skin, so I’ll give it a go in this role instead. I think I’ll stick to my Rimmel Stay Matte Primer instead.

Overall, I was rather disappointed with this months box. Some of the products were ideal for the season, but others would have been better suited earlier in the year.

Let me know in the comments what you thought, and if you felt the same way about this months GlossyBox. Happy October, lovelies!


4 thoughts on “October GlossyBox Unboxing

    1. Completely agree with everything you said, especially the part about the box feeling a little ‘thrown together’. A bit of a let down after the boxes we’ve received the past few months. Who knows, maybe next months will be better…

      1. Definitely! Their November limited edition box sounds good, might be a few decent products lined up!

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