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I’m really into Makeup Revolution products lately. I’ve never really tried them before, but after treating myself to a few of their different ranges, I have to say I’m impressed with the quality and price. 

My most recent purchase was a blush palette. Lately I’m a quite keen on palettes; having a number of products to choose from appeals to me more than having just one, especially when you’re on holiday (If you’re anything like me, packing makeup to take on holiday is the worst as I want to take everything! I find it really difficult to narrow things down to just one option).

On my most recent trip to Superdrug I spent a good deal of time swatching all their blush shades, and completely fell in love with the Sugar & Spice shades. They were all collection of coral and pastel pinks in varying shades, with two lovely highlighters and contour shades that would look great with a tan.

The second palette, Hot Spice, consists of more terracotta peach blushes, and whilst still very appealing, I was drawn more to the pink shades as these are what I am wearing the most at the moment.

At £6 per palette, this is a complete bargain and definitely worth a purchase for 8 very wearable shades. Each palette comes with a a black plastic, very durable but lightweight – ideal for travelling. It had a lovely large mirror, and the blushes are each of a decent size (A strange thing to comment on, but one thing I dislike about palettes is when the pans are too small to use without creating a mess. At least you get your money’s worth here!)

The palette contains two shimmer blushes and the rest matte shades, with two highlighters. The top two are supposed to be for contouring, but personally I think they are a little too Orange for this; instead I’ve been using them as blushes and they are far better used this way.

The pigmentation is AMAZING! Seriously, one dip of your brush is all you need, so be careful if you are more heavy handed as you could quite easily go overboard. I would also recommend tapping your brush a few times to get rid of any exec product, as you could quite easily overdo the amount you apply.

(Shades shown in correspondence to palette location)

There is also a shade suitable for every skin tone due to the wide colour range in these palettes. Whilst all the shades are buildable for a stronger finish, they look beautiful when used to add a hint of colour, especially during this season of bold lips.

If you are a lover of blushes then you absolutely need this palette. As I said previously, £6 is a complete bargain for a product of this high quality, and for 8 shades of equal quality too.

This definitely gets a thumbs up from me, and when I get the Hot Spice palette, I’ll let you know what it’s like too!

Have you tried any Makeup Tevolution products recently? Let me know in the comments what you thought!

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  1. So lovely, i’m a huge fan of Revolution, affordable and good quality items..;). Thanks for visiting my blog, i’m a new follower to yours, looking forward to more..;)

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