Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipstick

You know me and my lipsticks. I just can’t resist buying them. I’ve got an ever expanding collection that shows no sign of stopping, even though I’ve probably brought the same shade 10 times over with different brands. 

I saw a lip search video that Emily Canham did recently with all 9 lipsticks in the collection, and they all looked so wearable I had to go and see for myself.

Rimmel do such amazing lipsticks, they are easily one of my favourite brands to buy. There are always new shades being added to their current ranges, but this is the first lipstick collection they’ve released in a while, the boldly named ‘The Only 1’ collection which claims to be the only ones you’ll ever need.

This new formula is nothing we haven’t seen before in a matte lipstick, but with promises of ‘intense, high impact colour’ and an ‘ultra comfortable, weightless feel’ you know that it’ll be another quality offering regardless.

It certainly looks the part, with its tall design and angled structure. It feels a lot more luxurious than its £6.99 price point. It comes in a red casing, and the colour coded strips are a nice touch when finding a certain shade. Currently, my local Boots has a 3 for 2 offer, hence the three I chose. They are worth the price you pay for them, but when you see an offer like this it’s worth looking at, as you’ll definitely want more than one shade!

There are 9 shades in total, all of which are extremely wearable, ranging from a gorgeous baby pink to a true red, brown and berry shade, meaning there is something suitable for everyone’s taste. The shades won’t suit everybody, but it is early and there might be more shades added at a later date.

(From L to R: 120 Call the Shots, 500 Take the Stage, 810 The Matte Factor)

Ok, so the formula. Obviously it has a matte finish, but it feels a lot more creamy and satin than other matte lipsticks. It is almost a cream lipstick in texture and definitely seems like a comfortable product to wear. It is not at all drying or flakey, and although I haven’t tested its longevity yet, it seems like a durable product.

You do not need to apply any pressure to the bullet, the colour pay off is amazing! It glides across the lips without tugging or pulling the skin, and with one swipe you get a completely opaque finish. As it’s quite cold at the moment I’ve been suffering with dry and chapped lips – a matte lipstick nightmare! – but this was so hydrating that chapped lips weren’t a problem at all.

The flat top and curved style makes it easy to apply and ‘shape’ your lips, creating a perfect curved pout that is harder to do with angled products. It also has a lovely fruity scent that may appeal to you.

Generally speaking, this is an amazing quality lipstick for the money you pay, with everything I look for in a matte lipstick. Although the shade range isn’t the widest I’ve seen, it is a new collection so I’m sure there will be more added eventually. They seem to be ‘The Only One’ you’ll need in terms of quality!

Have you tried any of these shades? Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to like and share!

Kisses to you!


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