October Favourites 

I know I’ve said this most months, but I can’t believe we’ve passed October and are into November. Come January, my Son will be 1 year old and I’ll be returning back to work after having a year off on Maternity leave. Sad times. 

Saying that, it’s been one hell of a year and I know that next year will be just as fun, if not better, with plenty more laughs and happy surprises to come.

There have been quite a few beauty favourites this month. As we’ve moved into Autumn well and truly I’ve cracked out all my Autumn/Winter products that I love, and there are a few!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick, shade 30: This is my favourite berry shade lipstick ever, and the one I reach for more than any other lipstick I own. I’ve talked about the formula of these lipsticks before, and for good reason. They are just so comfortable and long-lasting, and are of a high quality, especially for a High Street brand. I own a number of these shades, but this is probably my most worn.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, shade NC20 (£22, VIA Debenhams) – I originally brought this foundation for my wedding as I’d heard it photographs well with no flashback, and now I really like to wear this foundation during the colder months as it is the perfect match for my pale skin. It applies flawlessly, smoothing and minimising pores to create a porcelain finish – something I love alongside a dark lip. I find that the darker the lipstick the more pristine I like my skin to look, and I absolutely get the finish with this foundation. It has a full coverage, matte finish without being cakey, and lasts all day whilst going about your normal day to day activities without oxidising or fading. The price definitely makes my eyes water, but you get such a good coverage you only need a tiny little bit.

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette, shade Sugar and Spice (£6.00, Superdrug) – Blush palettes seem to be a new found want of mine; next to lipstick they’re all I seem to buy! I did a more in depth review of this palette Here, where I could find no fault with it. It’s so convenient to have all these different shade blushes in one place, and each of them are so wearable and pretty it’s a difficult decision choosing which one to go for! Whether you use them for a light flush of colour or a more dramatic look, there’s a colour suitable for everyone here.

The Body Shop Eithiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Face Mask (£15.00, The Body Shop) – It’s that time of year where the temperature starts to drop, and my skin starts to feel a little neglected, especially on my face where I guess it’s more susceptible to the elements. That’s where this Mask comes in handy. I’m a big fan of honey based products, especially for hydration during the winter, and this product is my new found favourite. It smells delicious and feels so soft on the skin, and my skin feels noticeably softer for using it. It isn’t the cheapest Face Mask available on the High Street, and my pockets do feel a little sore after buying this; it’s definitely an investment but very clearly worth the extra money.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Enchanted Dream eyeshadow Palette (£6.00, Superdrug and – I just love the colour combination of this palette; it really suits the colour of my eyes and looks beautiful. It contains a mixture of brown/plum shades that go perfectly with my green eyes, and I’ve gotten so many compliments whenever I wear it. The champagne shimmer and matte brown have a better pigmentation than the other two shades; you do really have to work to build them up but with a little patience the colours are lovely, and do last all day. Definitely not the best eyeshadow I own, but a favourite never the less.

Mince Pies – October is still far too early in my opinion to be thinking about Christmas, but I’m slightly ashamed to say me and my Husband have already had two boxes of mince pies this month. I actually aren’t that keen on them, but for some reason this time of year I can’t get enough! We’ve been buying boxes from all over, but I’d highly recommend Asda and Marks and Spencers so far. Both have really buttery pastry and are laden with filling, and really get you in the Christmas Spirit.

Westworld (Sky Atlantic) – I know that some people have a love/hate with JJ Abrams (Personally, I loved Lost and Revolution, but I know my mom wasn’t too keen on either) and I know that his latest offering definitely will come under some people’s hate list, but I have to say that 4 episodes in I am completely hooked! I am a TV Boxset addict, and there’s something about these mystery/sci-fi shows that I seem to like at the moment. This show is about a group of scientists that control a Wild West themed virtual world, where rich people can pay an obscene amount of money to visit. With life like ‘robots’ and storylines, it is a realistic escape from their everyday lives where they can role play to their hearts content. But it appears that these ‘robots’ are starting to develop a mind and consciousness of their own… For anyone who enjoyed the twists and turns of Lost, and liked the sci-do elements of Stranger Things, this show is worth watching. It is a slow burner, but I think will be worth sticking with.

And that concludes this month! What products have you been enjoying this month?


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