Cohorted ‘My Little Treat’ Box

Even though I’ve been having GlossyBox for quite a while, and have had Birch Box on occasion, I’ve not actually heard of many Beauty Subscription Boxes, although I’ve no doubt there’s tons. So when I was given a Cohorted Beauty Box for my birthday, I was interested to see how these would compare to ones I’ve had. 

For those that may not know, Cohorted are a luxury beauty subscription service that deals with mainly high end brands. They offer two boxes: a ‘Black Box’ for makeup and beauty products and a ‘White Box’ that focuses on fragrances. Each box is a monthly subscription that’s costs £35.00 (Imcluding free delivery), that can be cancelled at any point. They also offer subscription plans of 6 months and 12 months, should you want something more long term.

They focus on high end products, with collaborations with brands such as Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Dior and Mac, as well as many High Street brands. Like many subscription boxes, you will receive a mixture of full size and smaller samples of a range of products, sometimes from lesser known and niche brands you wouldn’t normally have access too. Got it? Good. ☺️

So, for my birthday I received my first Cohorted Black box, one of their limited edition boxes known as the ‘My Little Treat’ Box. This is one of several options available, ranging from skincare to hair care, that you can choose from. It costs £50.00, so is a little more than the monthly boxes.

And what a gift! Firstly, the packaging and presentation is phenomenal; so high quality and luxurious. The box has a weighty feel to it, and feels more expensive that your average subscription service, The magnetised lid definitely lends itself to a more high end product, and the completely black box and interior is reminiscent of high end brands such as Nars, Bobbi Brown and Mac – to name a few.

There were seven items in this box, all of them full size, with the contents retailing at over £160. And considering the price point and brands included, you are getting value for money!

HD Brows Blusher, shade Blusher 2 (RRP £17.00, – I was vaguely familiar with this brand, although I did not own any of their products. I was a little confused as I thought – given the name – that they did brow products, but obviously I was wrong! On first impressions, the packaging feels very sturdy, albeit slightly ‘plasticky’ in hand. It comes with a lovely sized mirror, ideal for on the go applications, and a separate plastic lid that houses the application sponge, keeping it separate from the actual blush and adding an extra protective layer so the blush cannot be damaged.

The blush itself is a beautiful rosy pink shade with a slight pearlescent fleck running through, very similar to Nars Orgasm. It applies beautifully to the skin, blending easily to create a barely-there flush of colour. When used, I found it lasted all day and didn’t fade, nor did it look overly pink. I was impressed with how it looked on my skin, and seems to be quite universally flattering, the way Orgasm is supposed to be with all skin tones.

Cohorted Ovali Blush Brush (RRP £18.00, – This is taken from Cohorted’s very own Oval Makeup Brush Line, which is now available to buy via their website. It is a very aesthetically pleasing brush; with rose gold and matte black handles, these will look great on any dressing table. It feels very lightweight and fits nicely in my hand, and has the softest bristles I’ve ever felt!

The bristles are very dense and slightly curved, which means that you’ll get a very close finish along the contours of your face, ideal for seamless and easy blending. It will take some getting used to, as I’ve only ever used standard blush brushes to apply powders, but I’m sure with practice I’ll come to love it.

This range also contains another 9 brushes designed to focus on specific areas, and those who are environmentally  friendly and considerate towards our furry friends will be pleased to know these brushes are cruelty free, with synthetic bristles and produced with a low carbon footprint.

Nars Andy Warhol Limited Edition Eye Shadow Palette, shade Flowers 3 – As part of a limited edition collection this product is a must-have for any Nars fan! As one of three, this palette features 4 shades; a white highlighter, light copper and dark brown flowers, and lavender swirls over a grey/black background.

My initial reaction was one of awe. It is such a beautiful palette to look at, and makes the traditional Nars casing feel more special than normal. The large mirror comes with an imprinted quote on it, meant to inspire, and the use of Andy Warhol’s artwork styled up as Eyeshadows is highly effective.

Upon coming to use this, my initial struggle was trying to separate the shadows enough to apply product to the brush. The flowers are easy as they are larger, but trying to use the lavender and grey shadows is nearly impossibly. They all get mixed up with one another and can be difficult to achieve any definition.

On the up side, the shadows are very pigmented, especially the Browns and white, and are very wearable. They are easy to blend and last relatively well, despite being slightly more powdery that other Nars shadows I own. Based on the other two palettes available, I think this is the best one as it contains all the colours I tend to wear, and should get a lot of use.

Bella Pierre Mineral Lipstick, shade Envy  (RRP £14.99, – Again, another brand that I was only vaguely familiar with. The bullet feels luxurious and good quality, especially the matte finish with the ridged panelling. The lipstick is a gorgeous brown shade with red undertones, bang on trend with the 90s brown lipstick everyone seems to be wearing. It also has a strong cocoa scent, which adds a certain charm to the lipstick. The formulation is very creamy, and provides a medium coverage sheen to the lips. It is quite pigmented for a sheer formula, and would be a very comfortable lipstick to wear all day.

Due to the creaminess of the lipstick, it lasted around 3 hours before I needed to reapply it, but it did not bleed or smudge, which I find can sometimes be a problem with creamy formulas. If I were to use this with the lip liner (also came with the box) it may improve the longevity.

Bella Pierre Gel Lip Liner, shade no.3 cinnamon (£20.00, -I was  pleased to see that a lip liner came in he box, as it’s almost like having my very own lip kit! To be completely honest, I’m not really a lip liner user; I wear a lot of dark and red lipstick so that may be surprising to some, but I prefer to just line my lips with a small brush dabbed in my lipstick of choice.

However, I do appreciate having a good lip liner on hand should the need arise for one. I was pleased with the colour of this Liner as it is a dusky brown shade, perfect for this time of year. As it is a gel formulation it glides onto the lips easily without pulling or snagging the skin, means that even complete beginners won’t have any problems lining their lips!

I haven’t personally used this yet, but compared to other liners I think this may wear quite off quickly: my experience with gels or cream products means they tend to slide about a bit too much for my liking. But, I may be surprised.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, shade Toundra (RRP £20.00, – I have a couple of Nars lipsticks and love them, so I was expecting to feel the same about the lip pencil. And I wasn’t disappointed. The formula has a matte finish, but there is a slight creaminess to the product which means it isn’t fully drying. The colour is a GORGEOUS deep copper shade, with an almost metallised finish to it. As you can see from the image, it also goes extremely well with the lip pencil.

It wears extremely comfortably on the lips, and applied really well in pencil form. It does go blunt quite quickly so does need to be sharpened regularly (invest in a good sharpener) but this isn’t a major issue. One minor thing is the capped lid comes off very easily, so do be careful putting this in your bag so it doesn’t get damaged.

Smith and Cult Nail Varnish, shade Subnormal (RRP £19.00, SpaceNK) – This box has been full of brands I’ve never heard of! This brand I am not familiar with in the slightest; I love nail varnish and keeping my nails looking nice, but my collection consists of all High Street brands, with the odd polish thrown in that’s more premium.

Firstly, the packaging doesn’t even look like a nail varnish; more like a small bottle of perfume! The round flat bottle and chrome lid looks really premium, and would look great sitting on a vanity unit, especially with the silver cursive script along the front of the bottle. One nice feature with the lid is that the silver cap is only a casing, and can be screwed off to reveal a small black handle, which gives much more control.

The shade is a lovely silvery grey shade that applies like silk. It had a pretty good coverage with only one coat, and was completely opaque with two coats. I don’t normally judge a product on its longevity as it isn’t usually the best test with me – I spend a lot of time washing up, playing on the floor with my son etc, so don’t judge a product if it chips with my busy life – however, this did last noticeably well before it started showing signs of wear.

And that was all in the box! I’m really impressed with Cohorted and the quality of products supplied, enough to consider a full subscription when my GlossyBox one runs out in January!

Have you ever had a Cohorted box before? Let me know in the comments what you received, and what you thought.


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