GlossyBox Limited Edition: The Wendy Rowe Edit

As soon as GlossyBox announced their collaboration with Wendy Rowe, I went straight onto their website to preregister my interest in the box. As the Artistic Consultant for Burberry and a renowned International Makeup Artist, I knew that this box would be a makeup lovers dream. 

It went live; I managed to get my hands on a box, and within days it landed on my doorstep. And I was not disappointed. This box just oozes luxury. From the cover image in varying shades of grey to the gold lettering, you know that this is a High End product. This box is simply outstanding, and with where Wendy has taken Burberry Beauty this past year I admire and applaud her selection in the products presented here.

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in No.1 Nude Radience (RRP £34.00 for 30ml, to receive this product was worth the price of the box alone. What luxury! The grey embossed metal lid and glass bottle look stunning, all in tone with the lipstick cases and bound to look incredible on any dresser. The product itself has more of a pearlescent quality about it in comparison to other Luminous fluid highlighters, which means that it applies very sheer to the skin, giving a very natural ‘glow from within’ rather than illuminated skin. As it doesn’t appear shimmery it still maintains that natural “no makeup” quality, whilst providing you with the perfect base.

I have to admit I was rather hesitant to use this as I tend to avoid illuminating primers; us oily gals need no help in that area! However, when applied to the skin it sunk in immediately, was not greasy and was not noticeable at all. What it did do was create a dewy look about my skin that provided a little more depth to the usual matte finish. My skin was still matte, but it looked healthier and more natural than usual. It’s an odd one to describe; I didn’t look oily, but glowy in a good way.

What does it add to my makeup routine, I hear you ask? It made a great primer under my foundation. I didn’t need to use a lot, I got a good coverage that felt light and refreshing without feeling too cloying or full on.

Burberry Lip Velvet in Military Red (RRP £26.00, – This is just the most adorable mini Lipstick I’ve ever seen! I’m a big fan of Burberry lipsticks; I have one from the Kisses family in the shade Union Red already, and the formula is lovely and creamy. To me, this lipstick is the star of the show. It’s silky and buttery with a lovely semi matte/satin finish, and I’m so glad I received the red shade over the nude one, this one is more up my street. It feels so hydrating and elegant to wear. Available in 28 shades and sporting a cool metallic and magnetised cap, the Kisses lipstick range are worth looking at. This mini lipstick, although without the magnetic lid, is perfect for on the go touch ups, and I am heavily tempted to go and buy the full sized product in this shade.

Windle & Moodie Invisible Day and Night Cream (RRP £18.50 for 60ml, – Another full sized product, this is a hydrating and intensely moisturising hair cream. I’ve never seen or used a product like this before, but as someone who can sometimes suffer from dry hair, especially in winter, this was something I looked forward to trying.

You simply rub it in, no need to wash it out, and go! I’ve never had a product like this that can be used on dry hair, so I was dubious how it would work without making your hair greasy, so I put on the tiniest amount. I rubbed a pea sized amount in my hands and through the ends of my hair, and it was ok. It didn’t make my hair look greasy; it tamed flyaways and looked shiny and healthy all day. Would I use this everyday? No. Too near the roots would make hair look greasy, but as a way of smoothing the ends it’s good. I’d say I’d get more use out of this on holiday; too much sea salt and sun in excess can frazzle my hair, and this would be perfect as a way of preventing that from happening.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis SOS Spot Stickers (RRP £22.00 for 16, – I have to admit, when I saw these I thought they were a bit gimickey. Spot stickers are something of a mystery to me; in my teens I used creams, gels, pads and even peels to rid any pesky spots, but I’ve never come across anything like this before. I figured I’d never really use them; I’m quite lucky to not suffer with spots, never have done.

These are very thin, and could be worn under makeup if you desired. However, the thought of leaving the house with a sticker attached to my face seemed bizarre, so I left it to an overnight application. Not only did it miraculously remain on overnight (these are very sticky!) but it actually worked at removing the inflammation and redness. I’ve no comparison point against other similar products, but if you are prone to spots then these would be ideal for any breakouts. They come in a handy little case that can be easily carried with you, and are simple to use on the go.

Are they worth the price? Probably, but again I have no comparison. £22.00 for 16 seems a bit steep, but if they work and make you feel more comfortable, then go for it!

Decleor 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator (RRP £26.00 for 200ml, – This Body Exfoliator is enriched with grapefruit oil, pearl sugar and fruit acids, with the intention of stripping away any dead skin cells and moisturising new skin. Products like this I love; I don’t usually have anything as luxurious or with such a high price tag, so this is a real indulgent treat!

This Exfoliator does exactly what it says. The grains exfoliated without being too abrasive; my skin felt great after using it, smelled lovely and felt really soft. It has a great consistency as it starts out a gel, but turns into an oil to nourish the skin, and a milk when wet which moisturises.

Decleor Aroma Comfort Hydrating Moisturiser (RRP £32.00 for 250ml, – I used this straight after the Body Exfoliator, directly from the shower. It’s a great moisturiser; left my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and it smelt lovely. I hate it when moisturisers leave my skin feeling greasy, but this just soaked into the skin like velvet. Again, I normally don’t buy skincare products this expensive, so it’s a really treat to have this. I don’t think I’d buy the full size product just because of the cost, but it’s a good product to have if you can afford it.

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum (RRP £45.00 for 15ml) – The final Decleor product is a super serum that aims to hydrate and revitalise skin, improving the complexion. This is ridiculously expensive for the quantity given, so I used it very sparingly! I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with oils; as I have oily skin it feels unnatural to add more oil, so I tend to avoid them. You’re supposed to use this in the morning before moisturiser and makeup, but as I actually went cold at the thought of using an oil before I apply my makeup, I used this at night to allow it to soak in fully, and really wish I hadn’t bothered.

I just didn’t get on with this product. I didn’t like the smell; it was too heavily floral and musky at the same time. It didn’t sink in very well at all; I tried patting it in, rubbing it in but it took absolutely ages. It just left my skin feeling greasy and unpleasant. I also think I had a bit of an allergic reaction to it, as my eyes started stinging after a while and my skin started to itch. After a few minutes I went and washed it off (Probably about £10.00 down the drain!) because I couldn’t stand the feel of it on my skin.

Like most oils you don’t need a lot, but I just don’t think I could justify the price of this. For almost 50 quid you only get 15ml! As this sample bottle is only 5ml, it’s hella expensive for not a lot more! It probably is a good product for those with dry skin, but it wasn’t for me at all, and I would not be buying this in the future.

Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask (RRP £95.00 for 60ml) – £95.00! For a Face Mask! I really didn’t want to like this product; it’d be really annoying to fall in love with something I couldn’t get because it’s so damn expensive! I’ve heard great things about Sisley Skincare products as one of the best on the market. But it’s also renowned as being one of the most expensive products. Pity I freaking LOVED this Mask.

There’s no way I can afford to go and buy the full sized product, so I used half the tube to test it, and the remaining half I’m saving for when the Queen comes to tea 😉

Intended to plump, moisturise and brighten, this product ticks all boxes for me. It smells incredible, it is so creamy and luxurious on my skin and afterwards my skin was positively radiant! This would be a great product for the winter months, as it would really inject some life back into tired and dull skin. As it’s hailed as providing ‘instant youth’, I can testify that it does indeed tackle signs of aging and fatigue. After only 15 minutes my skin was visibly tightened. A brilliantly nourishing, but brilliantly expensive product!

Dermarche Labs Roloxin Lift (RRP £50 for 10 masks, – Marketed as the ’12 Hour facelift’, this is a masque designed to tighten, lift and firm skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and smoothing pores for up to 12 hours. You simply squeeze the sachet for 20 seconds to ‘activate’ the contents, and apply the liquid to the face until it turns into a powder. Rinse off and apply moisturiser and makeup as usual.

As it’s party season I’ve decided to save this product for when I can genuinely put it to the text, rather than waste it on a normal day. I’ll let you know how I got on, and whether this product lived up to the hype in a later post.

Rodin Olio Lusso Jasmine Neroli Face Oil (RRP £105.00 for 30ml) – Another expensive Face oil! With a combination of Jasmine, Neroli and 9 other essential oils, this oil again is designed to nourish the skin.  Not only this, but it smells so exotic sue to the blend of floral oils, it seems more like a perfume than skincare. It might be  something to note if your skin reacts to overly perfumed products. As this may not be for you.

After the last oil I was extremely hesitant to give this one a go. I used the tiniest amount on my face and neck and allowed that to sink in overnight, and come morning my skin felt amazing. No itchiness, no greasiness, just perfect. It just looked healthy and fresh. By no means does this justify the extortionate price, but it seems that with regular use, this oil would live up to its hype.

I really enjoyed the products in this box. And whilst a lot of these products will be added to my ‘Things to buy when I win the lottery’ list, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to sample such high end products that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to try.

Thank you GlossyBox, and thank you Wendy Rowe!


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