The 12 Days of Blogmas: Day 4 – Christmas Markets

It’s become somewhat of a family tradition that me, my Husband and my family go to a Christmas Market around this time of year and have a wander round the different stalls, sampling the food and having a glass of mulled wine or cider. 

We alternate between the Birmingham German Market and the smaller Worcester Victorian Market, but for the past few years we’ve ventured to the Worcester one purely because the German Market gets so utterly jam packed that it’s not worth the effort

(Side Note: If you haven’t been to the Birmingham German Market it is definitely worth a visit, but go early as it gets ridiculously busy!)

Worcester Christmas  Market
So, the Victorian Market is on for 4 days, usually the last weekend in November (Friday to Monday) and it is the perfect way to get yourself in the Christmas Spirit. All
the people who run the stalls dress up in traditional Victorian clothes, there is a fair and the stalls sell the most wonderful homemade gifts, ranging from toys to scarfs and sweets.

There’s a traditional choir of carol singers, it’s all lit up and decorated beautifully, and there are so many delicious food stalls with everything you could possibly want.

Our first stop is usually the mulled wine and cider stalls, where the spices are
warming and Christmassy. As I was pregnant last Christmas I was unable to have a glass, so I’m going to make up for it this year by having one of each!

I love mulled cider. I’m not a fan of cider on a normal basis (unless I’m on holiday in Cornwall) but when you hear it up and add spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, it gets a lovely sweet taste to it, and it feels very Christmassy. By this time, we’re all freezing cold so it’s nice to warm up with this.

There are some brilliant stalls here, especially if you’re in the market (no pun intended!) for unique gift ideas. This year there were homemade scented candles, personalised stockings and signs, alpaca wool hats and plenty more. My personal favourite stall is the cheese stall, where you get to sample all the local wares! Yum!

We always make a habit of stopping off at the Hot pork and Beef rolls stall, where they do the juiciest Hog roast burgers, served with apple sauce, stuffing and cracklings. My personal favourite is the sliced beef in gravy, served on a white bread roll with English mustard. We always sit inside this little wooden gazebo to eat them.

There’s also plenty for children to do, too. The fair looks so much fun, with little rides and games that they can play. My favourite is the huge Christmas carousel that plays Christmas songs; I can’t wait until my son is old enough for me to take him on this.

Birmingham German Market

This is the ultimate Christmas Market, I remember reading somewhere that it’s the biggest German Market in Europe! It starts around mid November, and goes right into January, so there’s plenty of time to go and visit.

I would try and time it right, though, as it can get extremely busy, especially on the run up to Christmas. I’d recommend a mid week lunchtime visit towards the start of December, as people are still at work during this time and it’s not likely to be as busy.

There are hundreds of stalls to look around, selling all kinds of foods, drinks and toys. This is a great place to grab a meal; there’s every available option! I personally love the German Hotdogs – the red spicy sausage – and the crepes with every filling imaginable. There are plenty of other savory options, including stews, burgers, pretzels and jacket potatoes, but the sweet options are incredible! Alongside crepes, there are massive doughnuts, marshmallows, toffee apples, chocolates and sweets, and plenty more! It really is a food lovers heaven!

I especially love the gift stalls, as the items are so unique and special. You can buy hand carved wooden toys for children, as well as wooden flutes, instruments and ornaments.

There are ceramic ornaments and hand blown glass baubles in all shapes, sizes and colours. They look gorgeous on your tree, and I make a special trip here to buy one bauble each year.

I would absolutely recommend visiting the Gluhwein for a mulled wine or beer. You have to pay a deposit for the special German Market mugs, buy this is given back to you when you return your mug.

They have so many mulled wine flavours to try from, I cannot even name them all! I especially like the Blueberry Mulled wine, and it’s even better when washed down with a hotdog!

Make sure you go here fairly early, as it’s notoriously busy, especially the closer you get to Christmas due to all the work parties!

There’s nothing better than taking a walk round the markets to make you feel really festive. Next year I’d love to visit the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and maybe even take a trip up to Edinburgh for a few nights round their market!


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