The 12 Days of Blogmas: Day 7 – The Black Country Museum at Christmastime

I’ve never been to the Black Country Museum. At all. Not even on school trips. My family and I decided to go and visit this year as a little day out. Now me and my sisters are all grown up, we don’t do things like this as often, and thought it would be nice to visit somewhere new.

The Black Country Living Museum is an open air museum, dedicated to instilling a real sense of what life was all about during the Victorian and Industrial movement in Birmingham. It has been used as a filming location on many BBC TV shows, most recently Peaky Blinders, as it gave an authenticity to Birmingham culture and life.

This Christmas, there were a number of festive activities going on, including Santa Hunts, carol singing, a step back in time to Christmases Past to see what life was like at Christmas in Victorian Britain, and making your own toys and decorations.

It was great walking around locations I recognised from Peaky Blinders, like the canal and barges, and exterior shots from the main High Street.

All the little shops were made to look festive, with lots of sweets and Christmas baking that you could purchase.

Look at the size of those cakes! The best thing was the little old fashioned sweet shop. It really took me back to my childhood with all the big jars of sweets, and little paper bags they came in.

It was also incredible going around all the little houses set up for the Blitz years, and how different life was back then compared to now.

My little boy especially liked all the carol singing; on the Santa hunt, you were taken around all these houses looking for ‘Santa’ and had to sing carols on the doorstep!

You can even take a lesson in the old school house, or a ride on the funfair carousel!

As it was extremely cold (and a little wet!) when we visited, we stopped off at the pub on the grounds of the site for a nice glass of hot mulled wine. I’d also recommend the fish and chips Shop on site. The portions are massive and absolutely delicious – they even come wrapped in the paper! Yum!

Another festive family trip! I’d highly recommend visiting the Black Country Living Museum; not only is it fascinating learning about life during Industrual times in Birmingham, but they’ve made every effort to make sure that there’s something for all ages.


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