The 12 Days of Blogmas: Day 10 – My Christmas Decorations

I’m very traditional when it comes to my Christmas decorations; strictly gold, silver, red and green, and warm white lights on the tree.

Our tree is an artificial tree; for convenience I like to have one that can be reused each year, as I just don’t have the time to keep vacuuming up all the fallen pine needles! I also don’t have the room for a real Christmas tree – they tend to be very wide at the bottom – and as my room is quite narrow, I can’t quite accommodate a real one. I always say that when I move house in the near future, and have a much bigger living room, I definitely want a real tree as well as my artificial tree.

Here’s a few of my Christmas decorations for you to nose around!

I like to make sure my Tree has plenty of lights on it. They HAVE to be warm white, and I usually have them static. The twinkling sometimes gets on my nerves!

I love having Santa ornaments around. When I was at uni, I worked in a nursery with 0-5 year olds, and I’d tell the preschoolers that this was ‘Santa-cam’, and Santa placed them in houses in order to see all the little boys and girls were behaving! This is something I plan on telling my Son when he gets too cheeky!

These pillows were from Next last year, and cost £15.00. They are the most padded, snuggliest pillows I own, and I’d have them out all year if I could! I especially like the little Pom Pom hats!

I love to have luxurious baubles on my tree. Most of these come from Webbs, a Garden Centre not too far from where I live. They are slightly more pricey, but are so worth it. The little Santa hat is a personalised one I brought – it had my Sons name on it!

This glass bauble was brought from the German Market last year. I love it because the lights catch the gems and make it sparkle. It looks so pretty!

As you can see, I stick to traditional colours of red, gold, silver and green.

I always make sure I have a wreath on every door downstairs! My Husband is fond of this one; he named the own Hedwig after Harry Potters owl!

This is something I made at a mother/baby group with my Son. It’s one of his footprints made to look like a reindeer! I also have a snowman footprint canvas, too!

This little snow globe lantern also lights up.


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