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I’ve watched Shaaanxo’s makeup channel on YouTube for years. There’s a reason why she’s one of the most-subscribed to  and top beauty influencers. She has this down to earth personality that appeals to me; slightly ditzy yet intelligent, extremely relateable and engaging, and I love the dynamic looks she produces.

I’ve seen her use this Palette a number of times, and always thought how wearable the shadows looked, yet it never interested me in buying it until I found it on Beauty Bay for £15, and thought I’d give it a try.

I like the concept of this Palette. It has a dual sided design, with 9 eye shadows on one side, and 9 lipsticks on another. It seems a little gimmicky at first, but on reflection is a great concept: this Palette has a perfect design when travelling or space saving. I’ve always hated palettes where the lipstick/blusher/eyeshadow are all together, as the powders tend to fall into the lipstick and create a bit of a mess. By keeping everything separate, you don’t have this issue and everything stays neat and clean. Problem solved.

The Palette itself feels quite weighty. The magnetic lids feel secure and there doesn’t seem the danger of anything getting broken or damaged in transit. The magnets are also strong, so you don’t have to worry about the underside flap falling open when your using the topside. The Palette is also a decent size; not too big so it takes up too much room in your suitcase or in your drawer, but small enough without compromising the size of the products. One thing that really winds me up with palettes is when the pans are too small to get your brush into- you don’t have this issue here. One minor gripe is the mirrors are slightly too small in comparison to the size of the lid; I would have preferred bigger mirrors, but overall I’m impressed with the quality so far.

The eye shadows are a great mix of neutral shades, with 4 matte shades and 5 shimmer shades. It bares a real resemblance to the Kyshadow Bronze Palette, but seriously, there’s only so much creativity you can demonstrate with a bronzed eyeshadow Palette, right? In all honestly, I personally think this is better value for money; not only do you have the 9 lipsticks also, but you can escape paying the extortionate shipping fees and inevitable customs charges for the Kyshadow Palette.
The eye shadows have a good pigmentation when I swatched them,  and didn’t need to be worked in order to blend. I’ve had better colour pigmentation from other palettes, but for the money I think they’re ideal, especially for a more subtle, natural look. They felt very smooth, and don’t seem to have much fallout. When used on the eyes I found they looked really natural, but could be layered for a more dramatic look, and blended easily in the crease. I applied them in the morning before I went out all day with my son, and found they lasted well. There was a little fading but as I have hooded eyes, this happens with most shadows so I didn’t think too much into this. (Maybe if I used an eyeshadow primer I’d have more luck; who knows?)

Generally speaking, I am happy with the colour selection, but as I am a big matte fan I would have liked to see a few more matte shades. I also noticed the distinct lack of a mid chocolate brown matte shade, which would have come in handy as a transition colour. This does exist in shimmer format, but I don’t use shimmer shades through my crease. There is a very warm toned red/brown, but I was looking for something a little richer and slightly cooler. Overall though, I can getby and   have created some very pretty looks.

Ok, so onto the lipsticks. Firstly, I don’t tend to use lipsticks in a pan format – I prefer a bullet. Pan lipsticks can get messy, they aren’t easy to apply and nor are they as convenient as a bullet. That being said, these lipsticks are rather nice. The formula feels very creamy, which is something I’m into at the moment, and they seem very pigmented. Upon swatching them, I can see that the red and pink shades are a lot more pigmented than the nudes, which appear to be a lot more sheer.

In my experience, creamy formulas don’t tend to last all that well with eating and drinking, and may be a pain touching up on the go, as it would require you to take the Palette and a lip brush out with you. Pain. However, you could quite easily wear these over another lipstick to give a more glossy finish, as they feel very comfortable and extremely wearable.

Just look at that pigmentation!

More likely for me, I’ll probably use them as cream blushers, as they blend BEAUTIFULLY into the skin to create a lovely natural flush of colour. Using them like this would be way more convenient for travelling, and you know how much I love a blush palette!

Overall, I’m very happy with this Palette. It’s fun and girly, and I know it’ll be ideal for when I go on holiday. I know I’ll get a lot more use from the shadows than the lipsticks, but I’ll try and make them work for me.


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  1. This eyeshadow palette is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the shades. They look so wearable and easy to make a beautiful look with. I’ve never tried a lipstick in a pan format. It looks very interesting. Need to try it out. Thank you for sharing. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

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