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This was a GlossyBox sample that I received back in November. I was dubious as to whether I’d use it and whether it would actually work, but as I do have trouble sleeping quite regularly (Having a son under 1 doesn’t help), I figured I’d try it for myself and see how I got on. 

Firstly, I am not a big lavender fan. At all. But even I know the calming effects of lavender; especially as this also contains chamomile, I have no doubt that this will work as a calming influence, even if it doesn’t induce sleep.

The statistics on the box seem confident of their success: 99% claim to sleep better, 89% fell asleep faster and so on. And at this stage, any product that could relax me is worth a try.

At £16.00 for 75ml it certainly isn’t cheap, but as you only need 2-3 spritzes over your pillow theoretically it should last a long time.

So I put the sample size to the test: I sprayed a couple of spritzes onto my pillow and had the best nights rest I’ve had in a very long time.

My son has just turned one, and even though he has been sleeping through the night for a while now, there’s still occasions where he’ll cry out in the night, or will make noises as if he’s stirring in his sleep. And even though he may not wake, I always do. I’ve always been a light sleeper, but it seems that since pregnancy it’s gotten worse – to the point where I wake at any slightest sound.

I went to bed at my usual time (around 9) where I usually read of watch Netflix/YouTube until I go tired, which could take ages. Within 10 minutes of getting into bed I was turning my light off to go to sleep. And I slept straight through to 6 the following morning. For me this is a real achievement.

The combination of the natural ingredients creates a lovely calming aroma that relaxes and soothes you, which does help induce sleep. And not only does it help aid falling asleep, but allows you to have a deeper sleep, where your body obviously is able to heal itself more effectively. I woke up feeling refreshed, and more productive because of a decent nights rest.

One thing to note is the mist isn’t super fine, so too many sprays can make your pillow slightly damp, so take a minute or two just to let it sink in before your head hits the pillow.

This is genuinely worth every penny. Rather than resorting to tablets and chemical means of helping sleep problems, I highly recommend giving this a try first. Order a sample size and see how you get on. I was always against having tablets to help me sleep, as I didn’t want to deal with the after effects, but am happy with the effect this products has had.

By no means am I in a position to give medical advice, but as a natural remedy to a genuine problem I am impressed with this product.

No more counting sleep for me!


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