Heaven Skincare Product review

I was extremely fortunate towards the end of last year to be chosen to receive a selection of products from Heaven Skincare. I entered a competition on Twitter, and was lucky enough to win!

2016 was the year I decided to get my Skincare routine in order; I wanted to make sure I was regularly cleansing my skin, moisturising and applying serum in order to stop any dryness and ward off early signs of aging. Due to this, I spent a lot of time last year trying different Skincare products out in order to find what worked best for me.

Cue this package arriving. I was incredibly impressed with the packaging; it came in a lovely pink makeup bag, the prefect size for storing products and makeup when travelling. It contained 10 products in total, all of them designed to cleanse and moisturise the skin.

Cleanse and Foam Wash (RRP starts from £19.00) – I’ve never used a foaming cleanser before, so I was interested in how this would work. At first I used it after removing makeup, and was impressed with the results. This has a lovely fresh scent to it; with hints of Mandarin and orange flower, this smells fruity but not overpowering. It made my skin feel a lot softer and smoother, and definitely removed any access dirt or dead skin cells.

I also used it as a makeup remover, as it was so gentle on my skin. This is what I’ve been using this product for the most; it does a great job of gently removing my makeup whilst cleansing my skin. For day to day makeup, it does a great job at removing it. If I’m wearing a lot of heavy eye makeup, I need to use a micellar water as well just to remove any excess left over, but on the whole I love this product!

New Edition Cleansing Cream (RRP starts from £10.00) – I found this product very interesting, as it’s the first Bee Venom cleanser in the world. I did a 24 patch test just to make sure I had no adverse reaction to the ingredients (I didn’t) so tried this after removing makeup with the previous product. You simply massage it on and rinse off with warm water.

Again, this did a good job at making my skin feel very soft and supple. I expected the Bee venom to have a tingly feeling, but it was surprisingly cooling. And as a makeup remover this does a cracking job. It stripped everything off, even waterproof makeup, but didn’t leave that ‘chemical peel’ feeling – my skin felt wonderful afterwards.

Divine Cream (RRP starts from £7.50) – this is my absolute favourite product of the bunch! Containing extracts of witch hazel, lavender and mandarin, this felt so luxurious and moisturising on my skin I’ve already used most of the bottle!

One thing I noticed in particular about using this is how bright and healthy my skin has been looking. I tend to use it more of an evening before I go to bed, but my skin still feels great come morning and definitely looks less blemished. If I only had to repurchase one thing from the collection, this would be it.

Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel (RRP starts from £10.00) – This works by renewing skin cells after penetrating the deeper layer of skin to rejuvenate and heal. I was interested to read that this can also be used as a primer as well as a moisturiser, but after trying it as a primer I still prefer it as a cleanser and moisturiser. Whilst it worked well as a primer, I didn’t notice any longevity as a primer, nor did it help my oily skin when combined with makeup.

However, when used as a cleanser I was impressed with the hydration it offered, and when combined with the other products left my skin feeling healthy.

Bee Polish (RRP starts from £10.00) – Again, I was wary about this because of the use of Bee venom, so I would recommend a skin test 24 hours prior to use. As there were no adverse reactions, I used this when cleansing my skin. It definitely had an instant ‘smoothing’ effect, and seemed to minimise the appearance of any finer lines the way some creams do.

There was a slight tingling when first applied, but this wasn’t unpleasant nor uncomfortable. As my skin has gotten used to it over time, I’ve found that it reacts well to this, and you can definitely feel the removal of dead skin cells and the exfoliation of new skin taking place.

Overnight Success Oxygen Cream (RRP starts from £7.50) – This was a TINY jar of eye cream that I’ve already used up completely! Whilst the undereye area can be extremely sensitive and for me, dry, I’ve found this good at keeping this area hydrated. There has been a reduction of fine lines in this area, and it has eased discolouration (although not emilinated). It is a very small jar for the price, but if you are a fan of anti-ageing eye creams and in the market for a good one, then give this a try.

Silver Bee Venom Mask (RRP starts from £7.50) – I do love a Face Mask, and was Pleased to see that one was included in this set! By applying a thick layer just before bed and letting it sink in before washing it off, this is designed to relax muscles, and tighten and firm fine lines. It was quite strange initially applying it, as it felt more like a moisturiser than a Face Mask – it wasn’t as thick as I expected it to be.

My initial impressions after using this a few times are good; I like the way my skin looks and feels after use, and I can see why this remains one of their best selling products.

Also, can we take a minute to appreciate this packaging? Beautiful!

Silk Skin BeeBee Cream in Honey (RRP starts from £37.00) – This was a sample sachet for three separate creams; honey, caramel and english rose. I had a sample of all three, and this is the only one left.

This is similar to a tinted moisturiser. It adds a wash of colour whilst being highly moisturising to the skin. I have to be honest, I don’t tend to use tinted moisturisers all that much, so I use this more as a day Cream.

Like the other products, I liked the way it soaked into my skin and left it feeling soft and supple.

I was really impressed with the range of products included in this gift set, especially the Cleanse and Foam and the Divine Cream. A massive thank you to Heaven Skincare for their wonderful gift, and I’m looking forward to trying some of your other products in the future!


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