January Favourites 2017

My first favourites of the New Year! I’m going to make sure I actively try a variety of new products this year; like everyone, I tend to stick to the same products when I find something I like (nothing wrong with that, of course!) but I love to test out different things and find new products to recommend to everyone!

And that’s exactly what I’ve done this month! I still have my faithful ‘ride or die’ products that I constantly turn back to, but here’s a few beauties I’ve been enjoying this month…

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick 3D Volume Shine in the shade Nudist (RRP £3.50, Boots) – I brought this back in the summer time, and despite using it a handful of times, it has predominantly sat in my drawer untouched. As I returned back to work after a year at home with my son, I needed something to have on my desk at work that I could wear without feeling a little too ‘vampy’ or overdone (I teach secondary school kids, by the way). I tried this, and have consistently used this whilst at work, as it’s the perfect shade for day to day.

These come in 5 shades (I have the nude brown one) and are very much like a sheer coloured balm rather than a gloss, which I much prefer, to be honest. They’re easy to apply on the go (due to the slanted lipstick like shape) and have a light vanilla scent. They aren’t the most pigmented products, but for work this is ideal, and I’m interested to try the other shades too.

Soap and Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel (RRP £2.50, Boots) – These are a complete lifesaver! I always carry antibacterial gels (as a mother you have to!!) and picked up a few of these when they were on 3 for 2 in my local Boots. I like these because they smell fresh and fruity as opposed to the typical chemical smell you get with these products, and I’ll definitely be getting a few more in their other scents. I have one in my car, one at my desk and one in my handbag, and find myself constantly reaching for them! Especially in winter time when germs and colds are rife, I think everyone should carry one of these around with them!

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in the shade Ivory (RRP £24.50, Benefit) – Again, another products that I’ve rediscovered in my drawer and fallen in love with again! I’d forgotten how smooth and creamy this formula is, and how natural it looks on my skin. As I’m at my palest the shade is a perfect match; it makes my skin look glowing and healthy instead of dry and greyish, and for that I am extremely thankful!

Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plump and Firm Moisturiser (RRP £23.50, – This is a DAMN good daily moisturiser that I’ve repurchased several times, but to my surprise I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it in a Favourites! (To be fair, this would easily be in my favourites every single month, I constantly use it!). It does give my skin a firmer appearance and definitely helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, without feeling at all sticky, and I absolutely think my skin is more hydrated when I use this. Not only that, but BeeGood are an amazing UK based company that uses all natural ingredients and is cruelty free in their practices. Definitely check out their range!

Marks and Spencer Twiggy Hand Cream Gift Set (RRP £8.50, Marks and Spencer) – This was a gift set that I received in my Christmas Stocking off my Grandad, and I really love the quality of this handcream. It contains 2 day handcreams and 1 intensive night hand cream, all of which contain almond oil to thoroughly nourish your skin. I particularly like the Day creams, and again have one permanently attached to my desk at work. I’m really trying to stop biting the skin around my thumbs (DISGUSTING habit of mine!) and was told by a reader that continually moisturising my hands would help ease temptation. They were right!

Lost (ABC) – I watched this years ago when it first came out, and was hooked with the mysteries of the show. Recently, I decided to start watching it again and once again I’m completely hooked! For those that may not know, it’s about a group of people whose plane crashes on an island, only to find that the island is full of secrets and they aren’t alone on it… seriously, if you haven’t watched it, definitely give this a go! It does get very convoluted towards season 4/5, but is worth sticking it out. Personally, I love it!

Northern Lights: His Dark Materials I, by Phillip Pullman (RRP £5.19,  – I’ve been rereading these of an evening when I go to bead, instead of messing about on my phone or watching YouTube videos, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these. I would not hesitate to recommend that everyone should read these books, as they are so enthralling and enchanting to me as an adult reader as they were to me when I was a teen. Part 1 starts with the characters of Lyra and her Daemon Pantalaimon, whose world is thrown into turmoil when her Uncle Asreil visits with news of ‘Dust’; an otherworldly substance that seems to Mask the entrance to a new world.

There are so many twists and turns in the story, as well as genuinely heart breaking moments, that you will feel all the feels during the course of the trilogy. There’s a reason why Pullman’s books have been met with critical acclaim, and to anyone who loves fantasy stories, you will certainly enjoy this series.

And that’s everything I’ve been loving this January! Please let me know what you’ve enjoyed, and any recommendations you have for me to try throughout February. Enjoy the upcoming month, and don’t forget to like and share this post!


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