Beauty and the Beast x L’Oreal Collaboration

I absolutely LOVE Beauty and the Beast. I remember seeing it in the cinema when I was about 4 (It was the first film I’d ever seen in the cinema) and to this day it remains one of my favourite Disney films – and films in general – of all time.

When I heard that Disney were going to be releasing a live-action version I was filled with equal amounts of joy and disdain – what if the live action film wasn’t as good as the animated one? What if they chose the wrong cast? What if they ruined the original for me?

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(Image Credit: Disney)

With the announcement of Emma Watson as Belle my mood improved somewhat, and I thought they were making the right choices regarding casting (Lets face it, Belle is a toned down version of Hermione, right?). And with the further announcement of Luke Evans as Gaston I thought they were hitting all the right notes.

My interest piqued when I thought of what makeup collaboration might be released as a tie-in with the film (Slightly off topic, but still important). Up until this point, MAC have collaborated with all the live action Disney films, to great success. Their limited addition Maleficent and Cinderella collections were received with high acclaim, and sold out instantly, and I absolutely thought that MAC would receive the same honour with a Beauty and the Beast collab, too.

DANGEROUS. MAC reveals the lineup of the 'Maleficent'-inspired collection. Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

(Image Credit: MAC Cosmetics)

But with the film due to be released only next month, and still no word from MAC, it seems that L’Oreal have beaten them to it, and have released the first images of what looks like the official collaboration, consisting of 7 lipsticks and matching nail varnish shades.

With images released on Instagram by @pretaeloira, it appears that L’Oreal have designed the most beautiful and fitting packaging to suit the romanticism in the movie, with some lovely looking shade ranges.


(Image Credit: @pretaeloira VIA Instagram)

They’ve gone for a traditional red for Belle, a darker brown for the Beast, a nude beige for Lumiere, a coral orange for Cogsworth, a bright pink for Mrs Potts, a berry toned purple for Plumette, and a rose toned red for the Enchanted Rose.


(Image Credit: @pretaeloira VIA Instagram)

It hasn’t been confirmed by L’Oreal whether this is a genuine collection, but it appears that it is only being sold in Italy. I almost wish this was a MAC collection, as at least it would be worldwide.

It does appear, though, that the collection is being sold on, the Italian version of the worldwide store. This means that the products can still be brought worldwide, if you are prepared to pay for the shipping costs. Products are available from €6.95 for the nail polish, and €12.95 for the lipsticks. You can also purchase the entire collection for €109.00.


Products go on sale from 9th February.



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