Latest in Beauty: Beauty and the Beast box review

It’s no secret that I was super excited for the release of Disney’s Live Action Beauty and the Beast; I tweeted about it non stop, I brought several of L’Oreals Limited Edition lipsticks, and when I saw Latest in Beauty’s gorgeous box, I knew I wanted to have it.

And I seriously wasn’t disappointed. It comes in this gorgeous blue and gold box, designed to look like the books that Belle reads. It is filled with navy blue tissue paper and rose petals, and the 6 themed products. It is a lovely touch, and makes this special box even more special.

Gatineau Radiance Enhancing Gommage – This is a facial exfoliator, and comes in the most lovely pearly pink packaging. When first applied it feels like a gel, but when rubbed into skin has a more oil like consistency. It works by dissolving the top later of your skin and cleans out your pores, leaving your skin feeling supper soft and supple. I have a thousand products like this, but I love using facial scrubs, masks and exfoliators, so I’ll get a lot of use out of this.

L’Occitane Roses et Reines Hand and Nail Cream – This is packed full of Shea butter and Vitamin E, so is bound to soften and nourish my hands. It has a very light rose scent – something I don’t tend to have all that often as I find it overpowering – but this is only lightly scented so isn’t as bad. It’s the perfect size for putting into my handbag or for travelling, and L’Occitane products are always very luxurious.

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo – Always a good thing to keep in the cupboard! I love dry shampoos, and they are my go-to styling product (Mainly because I’m lazy; if i can keep my hair going for another day I will!). I’ve never tried any Oribe products before, but have heard them mentioned quite a lot by beauty bloggers. This is a nice product to use as it doesn’t leave the tell-tale powdery look that normal dry shampoos have, and also left my hair feeling surprisingly soft. This is a definite re-buy for me!

Soigne Betteraves Rouges Nail Polish – I’m a big fan of red nail polish, so I was pleased to receive this in the box. I’ve never heard of this brand before now, and I love receiving new nail polishes; this products contains no carcinogens and up to 85% plant sourced raw materials. I’m very much looking forward to using this.

Burt’s Bees Lipstick in the shade Blush Basin – There’s no photo for this as I’ve lost this to the bottom of my handbag! I’ve tried Burt’s Bees lip balms before, but had no idea that they did lipsticks too! This is a gorgeous blush pink shade and comes in the most amazing packaging! It feels very silky and nourishing, and wears more like a tinted lip balm than a lipstick, which is great for everyday use (I’ve been wearing this to work).

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet – This is an anti-oxidant rich facial cream designed to help strengthen the skin as well as moisturise it. It seems a little strange to include yet another facial product – I would have preferred another makeup product – but this is a nice face cream. There’s not really a lot more I can say about this other than that; the packaging is beautiful and luxurious, but I’m a little saturated with face creams.

Latest in Beauty Gold Compact Mirror – This is a nice touch. The mirror feels extremely weighty, and contains a very decent normal and magnifying mirror on each side. The gold packaging with the cream rose design is a very fitting nod to the film, and I have no doubt that this is the product I’ll get the most use out of.

And that was it! I was mostly pleased with the contents of this box. There were probably one too many beauty products, and they could have included another make up addition, but generally the products were very nice. I especially liked the mirror, dry shampoo and lipstick.

This was my first Latest in Beauty box, and I’ll definitely keep my eye out for their future boxes.


16 thoughts on “Latest in Beauty: Beauty and the Beast box review

  1. Oh this box looks lovely! I love the packaging and the products look great. I love L’Occitane products, they smell so good! The dry shampoo sounds fab x

  2. This is gorgeous oh my gosh, the packaging is so pretty! Xx ☺️ x

  3. I love this! Never heard of this box but it’s so cute! I’m also obsessed with the Beauty and the Beast lipsticks from Loreal! x

  4. Literally took one quick glance at this and I’ve bought one for myself! So thank you for writing this I’m now going to look forward to my delivery!

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    1. Thank you! I’d never heard of them before this box, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any future boxes! X

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