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I always liked the concept of Desert Island Disks, where you have to choose a selection of songs that you would want to be able to listen to if you were stuck on a desert island, so I thought I’d complete this tag about what I’d get up to if I was stuck on a Desert Island.

Basically, the rules are if I had to fit everything into a very small suitcase and go and live on a desert island, then this is what I’d take with me.

You can have one food item. (Besides all the fish you can catch!) So what do you choose!
Sandwiches! I absolutely love sandwiches!

You can have one beverage. What do you choose?
Orange and Pineapple squash

What one outfit would you bring to wear?
Something comfortable and lightweight. At the moment I love my checked shirt, so that would probably feature somewhere!

1 author – you get all the books they’ve ever written!
JK Rowling. I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan, but I also love her Cormoran Strike series too. It’s a Detective series set in London, and it’s great if you like murder mystery style novels.

Image result for harry potter books Image result for cormoran strike books

I magazine – it’ll be delivered every month!
I’m not the biggest magazine reader, but I love looking through Elle UK, so I’d probably have to take this.

1 Freebie item – you can have anything except a mobile phone.
My bed; it’s a king size and is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever owned. That way, if ever I got lonely or upset, I could crawl under my duvet and snuggle up in bed until I felt better.

While struggling to survive, what cool thing could you do for 1 whole year?
Swimming! I love swimming but don’t get the chance to go all that often because I have a baby in tow most days, so I’d make the most of the freedom!

Best thing about solo island living: the beach, do WHATEVER I want, great tan, or lot of “alone time”?
The beach – it’s probably my favourite part about going on holiday.

Coconut Tree on Shore during Daylight

Ickiest thing about your so-called paradise: too much alone time, awful sunburn, learning to fish, or sand in everything?
Awful sunburn – I hate burning!

Yay! You’re finally rescued! Who is the first person you’d want to see?
My husband and son.

First thing you’d want to do?
Take a bath and properly wash my hair. I hate the feeling of wet sand on my skin, and sea salt in my hair for too long. I’d even use a bath bomb.

First thing you’d want to eat?
Ooh, probably a Chinese takeaway 🙂


Finally, I tag Chloe-Rose (@whatchloewrote and to complete this!


2 thoughts on “Desert Island Product Tag

  1. This is such a clever questionnaire! I definitely like the idea of bringing your bed, since I know I’d miss my creature comforts on a desert island and a comfy place to sleep is definitely the top of the list for me!


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