Tom’s Storytime: A review

I’ve talked a number of times about the benefits of reading on your health and mental well-being. As an English Teacher I fully endorse the benefits of reading for both pleasure and academic performance, and that’s why I prioritise reading with Owen daily. We keep a ready supply of books in his toy box that he can access all the time, and we’ve worked it into his routine that we read a story just after his bath, whilst he’s having his bottle before bedtime.

When I was approached by Tom’s Storytime with an exciting opportunity to try out their new interactive stories, I jumped at the chance for Owen to take part. He’s at this crucial age where he’s learning and developing faster than I can keep up, and starting to challenge his idea of the world – much to my annoyance when he insists on destroying the house in the process!

Tom’s Storytime is based on three parts; Sprites, which is aimed at children up to 6 years old and the part I will be focusing on, Adventurers (Children aged 3-8 years old) and Interactive, which is suitable for all ages.

Sprites image

I was very lucky to be sent a selection of the first few stories released in advance, and have to say I was completely blown away by the selection available. There are some beautiful illustrations that would appeal to children, ranging from your traditional cartoon and watercolour images to a graphic novel-esque book, aimed at older children.

The stories for Sprites are definitely things that would appeal to my Son. The one I read with him, Bug Hunt, is perfect for little explorers like Owen. I used some little finger puppets and cuddly toys that we have in his toy box to make the story really interactive; a frog, a ladybird and a spider – which made him giggle, especially when he tried to catch them and I kept moving them away – just like in the story. It would be a perfect story to read outside, where you could spend time properly exploring and looking for the animals mentioned. Owen’s Nursery is a Forest School, so I know they’d absolutely love this one too.

Bug Hunt
Image Taken from: Tom’s Storytime

Over the next 4 days a different story for each grouping will be released, and every three days hereafter. These videos will be available on YouTube, which can be shared with your children, nieces and nephews and nursery friends. I’m definitely going to mention them to Owen’s nursery, as the monthly topic is ‘Spring’ this month, and Bug Hunt would be PERFECT for this!

In addition to the stories, there is also a website where you will get a range of interactive stories suitable for all ages. This is especially exciting, as I know many children love using a computer to explore and learn more about the world around them. I don’t know how much of this Owen will get as he is too young to fully understand; he loves reaching for my phone and iPad but can’t quite retain interest on what we show him, but when the time comes these videos will be great to supplement his learning!

Anything that can get children actively reading and enjoying books is a winner in my opinion, and these books are no exception. I’m really excited to see what other stories Tom’s Storytime has lined up for the future, and if they’re anything like Bug Hunt, I’m sure Owen is excited too!

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