Beauty Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re new to makeup and beauty or have been experimenting for a while, we always come across a few tried and tested methods to guarantee we’re always looking and feeling our best. I always love a good beauty tip, so in collaboration with Ciara, we’ve decided to give you our best Hair and Beauty TIPS. 

There’s probably nothing new or groundbreaking here, these are just the things that I do regularly that work for me…

Drink plenty of water!
This is practically a given for me; I aim to always drink around 2 litres a day. Staying hydrated means that your skin and body glow, you can avoid breakouts and can even make your nails stronger and less brittle.

Water flows from the tap to sink

Always moisturise your neck and hands.
This is what my Mom and Nan always used to tell me. Your hands and neck are the only places that will show your age; you can have all the beauty treatments, creams and cosmetic surgeries you want, but your hands and neck are the giveaway for your real age!!

Cold water is a saviour of the skin!
Seriously. Wash your face every morning and evening with cold water, and it’ll help tighten the skin and prevent aging.

Don’t skip toning!
Most people tend to cleanse and moisturise in varying degrees of success, but most actually skip the toning step. Go for a toner that doesn’t contain alcohol or any harsh chemicals, and gentle apply with a cotton pad – don’t scrub! Believe me, you’ll be surprised by the amount of dirt/makeup that still comes away!


Throw away out of date or unused makeup products.
This probably goes without saying, but even I have to admit that I’m not the greatest at this part. Whilst some products may still seem OK past the use by date, I’ll always make an effort to throw away any eye products. Mascara and eyeliners are harbingers for bacteria, so I only have one or two open at any one time, and chuck them away when they’re just past their shelf life. Eye infections aren’t a good look!

Vaseline is your best friend.
I use it for most things; cracked heels and elbows, softening cuticles, chapped lips, taming flyaway hairs, everything. I even rub it around my nostrils during hay fever season to stop pollen getting up my nose and making me sneeze!


Warm your eyelash curlers.
Either stick the clamp in some warm water for a minute beforehand, or give it a blast of the hairdryer. It’ll help the lashes curl, and they’ll keep that curl for longer, too.

Use Vaseline around your nail beds
Cover the skin and cuticles around your nails with Vaseline before you paint them. That way, if you get any of the polish on your skin it’ll wipe straight off.

I hope these tips helped in some way; don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any tips and trick you’d like to recommend!

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11 thoughts on “Beauty Tips for Beginners

  1. I know what you mean, it can be quite sticky. I just use a tiny bit because it goes a long way x

  2. I’ve never understood the purpose of toner, could you further explain that possibly? Is it just to remove leftover makeup that cleansers didn’t remove?

    1. I think it does remove any excess makeup or dirt that the cleanser doesn’t remove first time round, but it also restores the PH balance of the skin too ☺️

  3. I tend to avoid Vaseline as my fussy skin doesn’t seem to like it, but any sort of balmy oil product can do the same sort of thing if you have reactive skin.

    I think my favourite skincare discovery was trying double cleansing (using an oil cleanser followed by a regular cleansing gel/foam). I personally find it more effective than the cleanse/tone. It means that I can then pick a really hydrating toner as a first skincare layer, which is great for my skin as it’s prone to dehydration, especially with the changing weather.

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I better go and drink some water 🙂

    Beccah xx

    1. Thanks for your tip too! I’ll have to try a double cleanse; I’m always a little wary of oil based products because I have oily skin (I don’t need to add any more oil!!) but I’ve been using a serum before moisturising and have noticed a difference in the quality. What oil based cleansers would you recommend? ☺️

  4. Thanks for the tips, I didn’t know about the cold water thing. I will have to start doing that. I can’t get on the Vaseline train, though, I hate how it feels! Lol. Thanks for these nice basics, sometimes it’s good to get back to the basics.

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