May Birchbox Unboxing and First Impression

When I opened up the box for this months Birchbox, they had me sold. White marble with inlaid rose gold detailing. My idea of perfection. What more could a blogger want?

All joking aside though, I am so impressed with the packaging of the few Birchboxes I’ve received, and they keep getting better each month. Whoever is employed at Birchbox Headquarters to design the packaging needs a promotion.

This month’s theme is a ‘back to basics’ one; minimalist products that focus on the tiny details, meant to improve and make a difference to your everyday life. Which means that the products should be ones that suit your day-to-day lives, and are essentials for most.


Marsk Mineral Eye shadow in Fifty Shades (RRP £14.99) – I’m always a little wary of receiving eye shadows in Subscription boxes as they never seem to be in a shade I’ll wear. When I first opened this I had to say I was a little disappointed. I have a feeling the second one offered, Vanilla Frosting, seems more like something I’d get more use out of. However, when swatched it isn’t as grey as I’d first imagined. When blended out it seems very sheer with an almost purple shimmer to it. It’d definitely look great for a night out to create that perfect smokey eye. It seems very finely milled too, and as it contains all natural ingredients it’d be nice and gentle on the eyes.


Whish Firming Body Cream (RRP £27.00) – Firming, eh? Not sure how a body cream is supposed to be firming, but I’m always willing to give it a try! All jokes aside, not only does this soften and protect skin with Shea and cocoa seed butter, but the inclusion of green tea means antioxidants cleanse and tone, too. I’ve had a few Shea products before and I’ve always liked how soft they make my skin after, so I’m looking forward to giving this one a try.


Beauty Protector Protect and Volume (RRP £18.50) – Hair products always make me feel guilty because it just serves to remind me I don’t actually do anything with mine, when I should do really. This is supposed to add volume and shine without making your hair feel sticky or heavy, making your hair feel more healthy and nourished. Chances are, this will remain in the bathroom cabinet unused for a while, but I will try to make the effort to use it.


Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (RRP from £8.00) – Skincare products are probably my favourite thing to receive, as I love trying out different things to improve the quality of my skin. This product claims to even out skin tone, build collagen and diminish enlarged pores. That last one is the one that caught my eye’; as I have oily skin my pores tend to be a lot more noticeable, especially on my cheeks and around my nose and forehead. And I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older these have started to become more noticeable still. So I’m always on the lookout for something that can shrink or cover the appearance of pores. It’ll be interesting to see how this product works.


Doucce Punk Volumising Mascara (RRP £18.00) – I love volumising mascaras; my lashes are quite long but are very fluttery, so anything that gives them a little more fullness is perfect! I’ve never heard of this brand before, so it’ll be fun to try something completely new!

Overall, I’m really happy with the selection of products in this months box. Other than the hair product, I’ll get a lot of use from the others, and as there are quite a few new brands to try, it’ll be interesting to see what the quality is like.



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