Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

If there’s one thing any mother knows, it’s how little you get to spend time on yourself because you’re so consumed with breastfeeding, changing dirty nappies, sleep patterns, winding, washing baby clothes…. the list goes on. And it’s very easy to neglect your own needs whilst you try to adjust to having this beautiful little person in your life.

It may seem that ‘beauty sleep’ and ‘me time’ are things of the past – it may seem easier to avoid the mirror altogether! – but taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be that hard. Yes, you’ll have less time (and less sleep!) to really properly pamper yourself, but there’s a few simple tips and tricks brought to you in collaboration with The Honest Company, to keep yourself looking great (even if you have to fake it to make it!) and feeling positive, especially during those precious early months.


Use teabags to reduce the puffiness under your eyes.
You wouldn’t think that this actually works, but believe me, the caffeine in tea leaves helps to ease any puffy bags you may have through lack of sleep, and the antioxidants also help reduce wrinkles, too!

Don’t skip the moisturising!
I always find that the best way to look your best in the morning is to take care of your skin the night before. Start by washing your face with cool water, then cleansing and toning in the usual manner. Finish this with another blast of cool water, and then moisturise your skin as normal. For an instant cooling relief keep your skin care products in the fridge. Your skin will thank you for it.

Invest in some good makeup remover wipes.
In all honesty, this isn’t something I reach for that frequently, but I know how frustrating it can be to want to collapse in exhaustion but you have to take off your makeup. Try and find some that contain natural or gently cleansing ingredients, so they don’t strip your skin of all its natural oils, and try to gently rub rather than drag the skin.

Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver.
Most new moms will tell you that it’s nigh-impossible to have a daily shower when there’s a newborn in tow. Some days I didn’t get one until early evening! If you’re in desperate need but having one of those days, refresh your hair with a little spritz of a good dry shampoo, and at least you’ll be able to carry on looking semi-presentable until a more suitable time presents itself.

Trade in foundation for something lighter.
As much as I love my foundations, they are so time-consuming to apply when you’re in a rush to get out the door. Instead, invest in a good tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream; rub it in all over and you’re good to go. Nothing says ‘New Mom’ more than eye bags,  so if you need a little extra coverage find a good all-round concealer and use this instead.

Take some ‘me time’ when you can.
Let your partner take the baby for a bit, or when they’re finally asleep for a few hours, go and spend some time looking after yourself. Chuck a handful of oatmeal into your bath to soothe aching limbs and irritated skin, or better yet mix it with some honey and apply it to your face for a homemade mask.

Whether you’re a new mom, working mom or one who stays at home, you want to look your best but you don’t have the time in which to do it. Just remember that the best way to look your best is confidence in yourself. It isn’t easy – believe me, I know! – but you need to appreciate what your body has just done, and marvel in the wonder that is parenthood. No matter what your little darling throws at you (Vomit? Poop? Their dinner?), you’ll always look your best with a smile on your face. So if all else fails, Slap on a smile and a bright lip colour! You’ll feel instantly better with a red lip. Trust me.

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  1. YES! Everything you included here is spot on… Especially the tea bags and BB cream! I was having a discussion with one of my mom friends about the ratio of hair to dry shampoo that is acceptable, like how mush dry shampoo can your hair possibly hold? Ha.

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