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It seems that Morphe is everywhere lately. Youtubes and Beauty Bloggers galore rave about their brushes and palettes, and I had to see for myself whether their cult status live up to their reality. 

What I really wanted was the Morphe 350 Matte palette, but everywhere I looked it was completely sold out. I also wanted the Morphe Fall into Frost (35F) palette, but again completely sold out. Seriously, these thing fly off the shelves. For quite a number of months I’ve registered to join the wait list to get one, but as soon as I get the email saying they’re back in stock, they’ve sold out again. You seriously have to be quick!

In the end I ordered the Morphe Colour Koffee (35K) palette, which is a gorgeous collection of cooler tones browns, blues and coppers. It isn’t a selection of shades I’d usually go for, but there are a great selection of neutral shades that would be perfect for work.

Firstly I am, like most people are, a sucker for pretty packaging. When I first unboxed the palette I wasn’t overly impressed on the packaging of this palette. It’s very basic; a matte black plastic that doesn’t feel overly secure or sturdy. These palettes aren’t the most expensive on the market, but for such a well publicised brand I have to admit I was expecting more. It also doesn’t contain a mirror, so for the size of it this was rather disappointing. Saying that, nicer packaging would warrant higher price tag, so I’m picking my battles.

You get 35 shades in total, which for the price of the palette works out at around 65p per shadow. An absolute bargain! And the shadows are a lovely mix of finishes; there are matte, shimmer, and satin finishes, with one or two looking like foiled shadows. The majority of the shades are warm and neutral tones, with the bottom row a mix of cool toned blues, greys and black.

The majority of shades I absolutely love; I tend to lean towards browns, reds and golds on a day-to-day basis, so most of this palette I can wear everyday. I have to say, other than the black I don’t use the bottom row a whole lot as I prefer warmer tones, but they are especially handy on the lash line as a powder eye shadow if I’m going for a more smudged, smoky look. I also have to say that the pigmentation of most shadows is INSANE! They are so pigmented you need only the tiniest amount of product in order to get a great pay off, which means they’ll last a long time. The foiled and shimmer shadows look incredible when on, and whilst the matte shadows don’t swatch as well, they wear nicely on the lid and in the crease, and make great transition colours.

One thing I did notice with them is that they are quite powdery, and there is a hell of a lot of fallout, especially with some of the matte shadows. I’ve found that when I come to use this palette I tend to do my eyes first, to avoid any smudges or mess. I don’t seem to get as much fallout with my MAC shadows, so tend to prefer their matte formulas. Again, the formula for the shimmer and foiled shadows is better, and feels a lot more creamy to use, but beware of that fallout!

The shadows blend very nicely too, and with the colour options there are a ton of looks that can be created. Again, for the price I can’t think of any better products on the market.

I was impressed with the 35K palette, and it’s made me more determined to get my hands on the 35O and 35F palette also, as I think I will definitely enjoy these a lot more. Morphe palettes are worth the money for a cheap yet high quality shadow palette, with a great selection of shades available across the range.

I am very pleased that I’ve given this a try, and whilst this isn’t my favourite shade selection, I will definitely be trying the rest. I highly recommend you give them a look!


7 thoughts on “Morphe 35K Review

  1. Great post! I own the 35O and 35T and love them both so much – agree the packaging is shoddy but the quality of the eyeshadows and price make up for it. Join a waiting list on cult beauty if you are desperate for the 35O and buy it as soon as you get notified x

  2. Thanks for this review! I’ve not tried Morphe before but I think for a pigmented shadow look I’ll have to give it a try! xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor of Original Piece Magazine

    1. It’s the first time I’ve tried them too, and I have to say I’m impressed. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their other palettes; they’re definitely worth the money! X

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