First Impressions: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

Expect to see quite a lot of foundation first impression posts; My youngest sister is getting married next year and I am bridesmaid, so I want to buy a medium to full coverage foundation that lasts a lifetime and looks flawless on the skin – especially with all the photos that will be taken on the day! So why not review them and report back my findings to you lovely lot!?

After a little bit of research I’ve compiled a list of foundations that I’d like to try, and this one is first on my list. I’ve seen quite a few Youtubers and bloggers raving about the coverage and finish of this particular foundation, and figured I’d give it a go.

Now, this particular foundation is from a new style of foundation; with an increase in HD television and photographs, and with an uprising of 4K quality there has been a need for a foundation that can cope with the level of detail and magnification offered by these aspects. HD foundations aim to create that flawless finish for the Big Screen.

The Makeup Forever foundation was, I thought, a very good price for a high-end foundation. It cost me £29.00 from Debenhams online (You may be able to buy it in store, but I’m not 100% sure). There are so many shades available – around 40 in total – so I’d advise trying these in store before you buy, if you can. I was lucky that I managed to get the perfect shade, but it took me a while going through the swatches on the webpage to find what I thought would be an ideal match. They also categorise their foundations with 4 letters (Light, Medium, Tan and Dark) with each category having a yellow base and pink base. Confused yet? Again I got lucky, but if I buy this again I’d much rather go in store and try them for myself so I don’t waste my money.

The bottle feels nice and sturdy, and you get a decent amount of product for the price. I’m a little unsure about the lid, as it seems a little loose on the bottle, so you might want to consider putting this in a small bag to prevent any leakages if you travel with it. It also comes with a pump, which I liked (Quite a lot of high-end foundations require you to buy your own pump) as you can control the amount of product you want to use and prevent any wastage.

10.00am– I applied this with a primer on one side of my face to see if there was any difference, and set it with a loose face powder.

The foundation feels extremely lightweight and watery – although not too runny. I used both a beauty sponge and buffing brush to apply it, but found it applied much better with a beauty sponge. The brush I used made it look streaky. It absorbed quite quickly into the skin, and can be applied lightly to even out your complexion or can be built up to get a fuller coverage.

It builds up BEAUTIFULLY, and doesn’t look cakey in the slightest. It also feels incredibly lightweight on the skin, almost like I wasn’t wearing anything at all, and looked very natural and flawless. I always test the quality of a foundation by how well it minimises my dark circles and pores, and both appeared reduced. I didn’t find this foundation too oily or drying, either. It almost had a satin texture to it, and my skin felt very smooth to touch and not at all tacky.

One thing I did notice is that I did have to use quite a lot to get a fuller coverage, probably because it is so watery compared to my MAC Studio Fix. Again, it didn’t feel heavy on the skin, but it’s just interesting to note.

1.00pm – I’ve had this on my face for around 3 hours, and I’ve come out with my Son to the park, as it’s a lovely warm day and we’ve gone for a walk. Looking at the foundation in natural light I can see that it’s a perfect match to my skin tone, so was successful in choosing the right shade! It still looks absolutely flawless; it gives a real airbrushed quality to the skin, and I have high hopes that this would look beautiful in my Sisters wedding photos. As of yet I can’t see any cakey parts, nor has it settled too noticeably into any fine lines. I can see a few of my pores, particularly around my nose, but I put this down to my skin being oily and may need to invest in some decent blotting sheets on the actual wedding day. Other than this minor point, there is absolutely nothing to complain about.

4.30pm– I’ve gone to tea with Owen at my moms, something that we regularly do on a Wednesday (My days off). I’ve had the foundation on for around 6 1/2 hours now, and still looks beautiful on my skin. There is a little fading around my nose, and my forehead is starting to look a little shiny, but again a decent face powder and blotting sheets will fix this. It has started to settle into some fine lines in my under eye area and around the bridge of my nose, however this is only noticeable when looking closely in the mirror. From a distance my skin still looks flawless.

8.00pm – I’m back home and have tidied everything away from the day, and am preparing to take my makeup off now. The foundation has been on for around 10 hours now, and is showing signs of wear – although not looking too bad for 10 hours. The settling into my fine lines is slightly more prominent up close, and it has faded a bit more around my nose and forehead, and my pores under my eyes and around my nose are more noticeable. Generally it still looks good, but would need to be touched up in order to continue. It doesn’t look cakey, but looks a little ‘heavy’ on the skin, and doesn’t look as good as it did a couple of hours ago.

If I was to wear Makeup Forever foundation for my sister’s wedding, I would be really pleased to get around 8-10 hours use out of it before I needed to actively touch it up. It looked great all day, and despite some running and shininess on my forehead and around my nose, I think investing in a decent setting powder and blotting sheets will help keep it looking good until later in the evening.

I was expecting it to start to fade around the forehead and nose as most foundations tend to due to the oiliness on my skin, but I wasn’t prepared for how well this foundation would handle it. It looked flawless for the first 5 hours or so, which would be perfect for the actual wedding and photos.

Will this make the cut? I’m not sure. Price wise, my MAC Studio Fix is £7 cheaper. Also, it looks absolutely flawless all day, doesn’t need touching up and doesn’t need blotting or reapplying.

As I’m going to be busy on the day I’m not sure how dedicated I’ll be with blotting and reapplying powder. I think I need to give this a little more time in order to make a decision.


5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

  1. I’m not really a foundation person in general, because I feel like concealewr does the job and foundation just creases everywhere even if I set it (#oilyskinstruggles), but recently I found that the Bourjouis Healthy Mix doesn’t do any of that and gives a natural finish to the skin while lasting all day. You should totally give that a try!

    xoxo, Rawan M from RMAI

  2. I have been wanting to try this foundation for ages and I actually don’t think it is a bad price for a full coverage foundation!

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