The Dupe List: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

It’s the lipstick that everyone’s been talking about. Every beauty blogger out there has photographed one for Instagram, or used it for a blog post. Even I caved and brought it for myself.

I think its just because it’s the perfect combination nude; it’s not too pinky or too brown, and so flattering on many different skin tones. It definitely fits the ‘my lips but better’ category. It has a soft, girly feel to it and the formula is just incredible, like all Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks. It has to be one of my favourite lipstick brands in terms of the formulas.

But, the price tag of £24 is very steep for a lipstick. Yes, I did buy it, but there are so many different products on the high street that you can have for the same shade. So, the rules are simple: all the dupes listed here are High End or High Street alternatives that cost less than the original price tag.

Despite the simplicity of a ‘pinky nude’ lipstick, it’s actually very difficult to find a near match that’s available on the High Street; a lot of options around were either more pink toned or more peach toned. Here are a few close dupes to replace it…

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in the shade Ravenswood (RRP £15.50, – I really like the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks in general; great formula, excellent selection of colours, long lasting…what isn’t there to like? This particular formula is a cream, so slightly more glossy than the Charlotte Tilbury matte’s, but this doesn’t look glossy. It is incredibly comfortable to wear, feels very hydrating on the lips and last a hell of a long time. This shade is a typical ‘my lips but better’ shade just like Pillow Talk, and is a near identical match. If anything I’d say this is a shade darker, but is a near identical match, and is almost £9.00 cheaper!

Colourpop Lippie Stix in the shade Button (RRP $5.00, – I placed my first Colourpop order around October when they had free shipping to the UK, and as I’d heard so many things about this brand it was too good an opportunity to miss! Their Lippie Stix are incredible; they come in SO MANY different shades and are so easy and comfortable to wear, they might be my favourite part of their range. This particular shade is a gorgeous peachy pink colour, and is very similar in formulation to Pillow Talk. This is slightly more peachy than the latter, and appears a little more glossy due to the satin finish, but it looks beautiful on the lips, and will be great as another alternative to nude lips this Summer. The best part about Colourpop are the prices: this is equivalent to around £4.50 in the UK, and you can’t get any better quality either.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip colour in the shade Seduction (RRP £8.99, – This is different as it is a liquid lipstick, whereas Pillow Talk comes in a bullet. However, the comparison between the colours is very close. Once dry, the Revlon one is very similar in tone to the other, albeit slightly more peach. It is also a little thinner in terms of the application: I’m not sure whether this was because it is a liquid formula and the other a bullet, but the Charlotte Tilbury one was a lot more opaque on the lips, and the Revlon one had to be built up more in order to be as opaque.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Abu Dhabi (RRP £5.50, _ I think everyone loves these lip creams as much as I do! NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams rival any high end brand, and with such a large shade range it comes as no surprise that there is a near-match to Pillow Talk. Abu Dhabi is a traditional nude tone, slightly darker than Pillow Talk but just as opaque. If anything I’d say it is slightly more brown toned, but on the lips looks near identical. Again, for only £5.50 you can buy three of these for the price of a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick!

MAC Lipstick in the shade Twig (£16.50, – This is my perfect match! It is the exact same shade as Pillow talk, except a lot more pigmented and opaque with one swatch. You can always count on MAC to have a perfect match, and this is the perfect dupe! I originally brought Twig as it fitted the 90s revival we’ve been having lately; not too pink, not too brown, and this fits in with the natural ‘my lips but better’ theme. As always, MAC lipsticks are so comfortable to wear and ultra long lasting; this is a satin finish so feels a lot less drying than your traditional matte lipstick, but you still get the longevity of a matte. In the photo it comes across as slightly more red toned than Pillow Talk, but I can assure you it’s a match!

Pillow Talk is a gorgeous, unique shade, and because of this I found it quite a difficult item to find dupes for; I’m sure there are plenty more on the market if you look hard enough, but here’s just a few that I managed to pick up!

Let me know in the comments what dupes you’ve managed to find!


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  1. Is the lipstick Pixi Honey bare a dupe for Charlotte Turberry Pillow Talk? I heard it was but I’m not sure.😊

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