Which is Better: W7 In the Buff vs. Urban Decay Naked 2

The Urban Decay Naked palettes are probably some of the most recognisable and coveted in the Beauty world. They are iconic for their range of perfect nude shades, ranging from the cool toned silvers, to the warmer copper and rose gold shades. 

I would love to own all of their palettes (I aim to one day), but at almost £40 a go they are too expensive to justify spending money on. I own the Naked 2 palette, and have done for a while, but up until now I haven’t had the money to purchase the others.

So when I saw the W7 palettes in B&M Bargains (The best shop in the world, by the way) I was interested as to how they’d match up to the Naked ones, so I brought the W7 Eye Colour Palette, Colour me Buff palette (RRP £4.99), which is a complete dupe for my Naked 2 palette.

And then I say complete dupe, I mean an honest to God exact replica. As you can see from the side by side image, the shades of the W7 palette are an exact match for Urban Decay.

The Naked Palette feels incredibly High End, and has a lovely heaviness from the packaging. It’s a great palette for travelling with as you have no doubt that the shadows inside will be well protected due to the solid feel of the packaging. The lid is sturdy and clicks shut firmly, so there’s no chance of the lid coming loose and the shadows getting damaged. It also comes with a nice large mirror which is also ideal for travelling. The brush, although not something I tend to use on a regular basis, is a good quality and does a good job of applying the shadows.

In comparison, the W7 packaging feels a little flimsy; the container feels very light and cheap. The lid is sturdy and would not come open, but the metal feels quite thin and prone to damage if compressed. The shadows are also placed in a foam base, which again doesn’t offer much protection. There is no mirror which makes travelling awkward, and the brush is one of those silly foam applicators which I tend to just bin. Normally, I’d say for the price you get what you pay for, but I’ve got High Street palettes around the same value that are packaged far better.

Formula and Pigmentation
The Naked 2 shadows are genuinely some of the best I own. They are so creamy and easy to work with, they blend so nicely onto the lid. And what pigmentation! The black shade, Blackout, is one of the darkest blacks I’ve ever worked with! All of the shadows search really well, and are incredibly densely coloured when applied to the lid. The shadows mix well, and can easily be layered to create a multitude of looks. All of the shades seem to have the same formulation, but the matte shades don’t seem to be as pigmented as some of the others; the pigmentation of Foxy is practically non existent, for example.

I also like the balance of warm and cool toned shades. As someone who leans towards warmer shades, having a few in the palette means I can try to incorporate them into my looks and step out of my comfort zone. One minor criticism would be the ratio of matte shades to shimmer; there’s only 3 matte shades (yellow, taupe and black) but ideally I’d like a couple of mid brown shades for transition colours as I’m not a fan of shimmer in the crease.

TOP: W7 In the Buff palette. BOTTOM: Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

I was fully intending for the W7 shadows to not be as pigmented, but I was genuinely surprised to see that they actually rival the Naked shadows. They are so creamy when swatched, and the colour pigmentation is incredible for the price. As you can see from the photo, the colours are pretty much identical to those in the Naked palette, sometimes even better (the dupe for Foxy, namely). They do feel very chalky, though, and there is a hell of a lot of fallout from them which you don’t get from the Naked palette. Applying them did get very messy, so I would recommend leaving your foundation until after you’ve finished with these shadows.

Overall, both palettes are pretty much identical in every way except in the pricing.£39.50 is a lot of money to lay down on the Naked 2 palette, but what you get feels very secure and good value for money, with a gorgeous collection of eye shadows. Although I do like the W7 In the Buff palette, I didn’t like the mess that was created through the fallout from these shadows, and for this reason I’d choose the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

The W7 palette is a great starting point for people just starting out with makeup, or wanting to trial the shade options before splurging on the Naked 2 palette, but it isn’t for me.

Let me know in the comments what you think – have you tried any of the W7 product range?

Note: This page contains an affiliate link, for which I receive a small profit for any purchases paid. All opinions, however, remain entirely my own.

2 thoughts on “Which is Better: W7 In the Buff vs. Urban Decay Naked 2

  1. Oh wow! Can’t believe how similar they are. I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell which one is which from your swatches and the pigmentation of the w7 is fantastic! I love Naked palettes but they are pricey so it’s nice to see an alternative. xx

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