Battle of the Powders: RCMA No Colour Powder Vs. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

The hunt for the perfect setting powder is on! Alongside testing foundations for my sister’s wedding, I want to find the best translucent powder to help set it in place and make my makeup last all day. I’ve a couple I want to try, so I thought I’d compare two of YouTube’s most raved about right here!

First up: RCMA No Colour Powder.

I first came across this powder VIA Kathleen Lights and Jaclyn Hill, both of whom rave about how wondrous this powder is. RCMA is the professional makeup artists brand, and whilst technically not a translucent powder, its lack of colour makes it a perfect setting powder. It comes in two sizes – 3oz and 10oz, and will set you back around $15ish – the equivalent to roughly £12.00! When you compare that to most setting powders you’d be hard pressed to find something much cheaper, and it’ll last you forever in comparison to most powders, too!

I brought the 3oz bottle from BeautyBay, and I have to admit I was left feeling a little anti-climatic considering how excited I was to receive it. The packaging is really disappointing; it looks more like a salt shaker and feels very cheap (I know price wise it is, but still!), and like most I find it so useless at dispensing the product! The holes on the top are massive, and you can’t control how much product you get out, which means loads gets wasted! As soon as I can, I’m going to find a little pot to keep it in, that limits the amount of wastage.

That being said, I was impressed on how well it worked at setting my makeup. You need the tiniest amount on your face, and your makeup literally will not budge! Word of warning, though: make sure you only apply a tiny bit and build it up; I went in with my usual powder brush and looked cakey quite quickly! When I say you only need a tiny amount, I mean it!

As the day went on, I didn’t find this as great at oil control – don’t get me wrong, it worked great for the first couple of hours, but I would need to touch up regularly throughout the day. I had a slight problem with it settling into fine lines around my eyes; it wasn’t massively noticeable from a distance, but I because very aware that it wasn’t as flawless as I would have hoped for.

I also found that it does feel a little drying on the skin, which I suppose is a good thing for my skin type, but I’m not too sure how those with dry skin would fare with this. I have a feeling that it may cling onto dry patches.

Next up: Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

This powder seems to be everywhere. Every Beauty Guru and YouTuber talks about this powder like it is some miracle worker, so naturally I was curious about how it would compare to the RCMA one.

I brought this from John Lewis. It costs £29.00, but as I had a £20 gift voucher I didn’t have to pay the full amount. You get 1oz in comparison to the RCMA powder, which is half the price for 3 times as much!

The packaging feels very luxurious and High End – which I would expect for the price too! It is in a standard screw lid top, nice and sturdy and would protect the product if you decide to take it travelling. As with all these packages, it can get a little messy, but generally is a lot more controlled with a lot less wastage than the RCMA one.

The powder here has a slight beige colour to it, but I can assure you that it is translucent. It is so finely milled and soft that it completely blends away into nothing, and doesn’t leave your makeup feeling cakey or heavy.  My skin felt so smooth all day, and didn’t look at all chalky or dry. My oily skin was kept under control, and I definitely noticed an improvement in the longevity of my makeup, too. Similarly to the RCMA one, a little goes a long way so use sparingly and build up!

What I loved about this product is the fact it seemed to blur away any imperfections, and settled on top of the skin beautifully rather than settling into fine lines. It would look absolutely beautiful in photos, so much so that I’m planning on using it for my Sister’s Wedding Day

Secondly, I loved the fact that despite mattifying and setting my foundation, it provided a luminosity that gave dimension to the face, rather than being completely matte and flat. My skin looked healthy and glowing, and felt very soft and comfortable to wear.


Final Thoughts…

Both powders were impressive in their own way. For me personally, I was happier with the results I received with the Laura Mercier powder, which is going to be my outright winner. For my day-to-day wear the RCMA one is perfect – cheap and cheerful and effective – but for more formal occasions I’ll definitely be reaching for the Laura Mercier one.

Have you tried either powder? Let me know your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “Battle of the Powders: RCMA No Colour Powder Vs. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

  1. Agree on that salt shaker situation 😂🤣

    I am very skeptical with products that multiple big YT channel raves about. Tried 3 hyped products and they all turned out to be quite terrible or underwhelming. Suffice to say now a days, no amount of raves online gets me excited about a product.

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