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For quite a while I’ve eyed up the charcoal masks that everyone has been using, especially those black ones that peel off in one swoop. But I’ve always been a bit reserved about how good they actually are; yes, they do wonders at removing all the blackheads and clogged pores, but are they actually doing any good pulling at your skin like that?

I decided to try the clay masks instead, as they still are effective at clearing clogged pores, but are a little easier to remove without tugging at the delicate skin on your face – especially around the eyes.

After a little research, I decided to try the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (RRP £11.39 from There were a lot of positive reviews for this product, and you get a hell of a lot of product for the money (500g) so I thought I’d see how it went.


First off, the packaging is nothing special. It’s in a pretty sturdy plastic tub with a screw lid, has a strange unrelated yet colourful label, but it doesn’t look particularly amazing. It also smells quite bad to me (I guess that should be expected as it’s clay, but I thought I’d just throw that in there).

The clay itself comes as a very fine powder, and I can guarantee you that this will last forever! I’ve now used this around 3 or 4 times and I’ve barely scratched the surface!

According to instructions, you are supposed to mix a teaspoon of powder with the equivalent of water or apple cider vinegar into a paste, and then apply as normal to the face. I used water as I had no ACV on hand. The vinegar is supposed to help balance the PH levels, but I’ve also heard that ACV is particularly good for the skin, so I will have to give this a try also.


Once applied, I left it to sit on my skin for around 20 minutes, until the clay had hardened and was starting to crack. And when I say harden, I mean harden! You seriously will not be able to move a muscle! As the clay dries, it tightens up dramatically, pulling the skin taut. It does cause a slight tingling feeling; not uncomfortable, but something to be aware of. I’d advice not putting this too close to the eyes as it may cause them to water slightly, and if you are using vinegar it may cause a little stinging if you apply it too close. Also, those with sensitive skin may want to reduce the time limit to 10 minutes in order to avoid any irritation.

As for the results, it works wonders. Seriously, there isn’t anything else I can say. The packaging says “The worlds most powerful facial” and I cannot disagree with those words. After using it, my skin feels so clean and tight – all pores have disappeared! It does make your skin go a little red, as it draws the blood to the surface, but any clogged pores are gone, blackheads/whiteheads are easy to remove, and my pores feel tighter and less noticeable instantly. If you suffer from acne or breakouts occasionally, then I’d recommend giving this a try!

It is quite a drying product (Great for those with oily skin!) so I’d say to use it maybe once a week to avoid your skin drying out too much, but I will continue to use this regularly purely for the finish it gives me.

You also want to be careful when removing it; wet it under the running water to loosen it off first, and remove with your hands as much as you can. Then, get a face cloth and rub lightly to clean off anything that’s leftover – don’t scrub!

I’d also say to wash it off in the shower, and dispose of any leftover product in the bin as it is so thick, you don’t want to clog your pipes up!

So in terms of value for money you’re already on to a winner. The fact that it helps clean up my skin is just an added bonus!

Have you tried this product? Let me know how you get on!

Note: This page contains an affiliate link, for which I will receive a small profit for any purchases made. All opinions, however, remain entirely my own.

12 thoughts on “Indian Clay Mask Review

  1. I was going to buy this mask a long time ago, but then I never did. One of my favorite clay masks is the Hey Honey detoxifying mud mask. It’s expensive, but it’s honestly the best face mask I’ve ever used. It doesn’t dry out my skin, it exfoliates and clears pores, and my skin always feels so soft and hydrated after rinsing it off. I don’t even need to follow with a moisturizer.

  2. I have been using this mask every Sunday for over a year (I bought a 2lbs tub) and I like that I can customise depending on my mood but I mostly use ACV, water and I also add some oil (Olive is good or any face oil – a few drops). Now in the summer, I spray a bit of Caudalie Beauty Elixir or other face water and it feels very refreshing.

  3. I love a good face mask,I’m always trying out new ones as they leave my face feeling so refreshed although I’ve never heard of this Indian mask,I must keep a closer eye out for it in stores or maybe online 🙂

  4. I really want to try this product, but I am so worried because I have sensitive skin! Great review definitley put things into perspective!

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