Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette review

I’ve spoken about my love of the Kat Von D Shade Light Eye Palette before, and I still stand by the fact that this is my favourite matte eye shadow palette. I just love the combination of colours and the ease of use, and haven’t found a high-end palette that rivals it in quality. 

Since Kat Von D products started being sold by Debenhams in the UK, I’ve  had to struggle to not go crazy and buy everything in sight. At least when they were overseas only, I had a little bit more self-control!

I’m trying to stop buying neutral palettes and inject a little more colour and variety into my eye shadow looks, so I decided to give this one a shot. I know I already like the formula of this brand, so it was just a case of choosing the right palette.


The packaging is the same cardboard one I have on my Shade Light palette, so this was nothing new to me. It looks beautiful and does feel quite sturdy, but I’d much rather prefer a plastic or metal casing as at least it offers peace of mind when traveling. It also comes with a large mirror, which is a bonus as not many cardboard products do.

As before, the shadows are arranged in quads that complement each other, which takes the guess-work out of things, making it easy for amateurs like myself! Of course, you can just mix and match shades in any way you choose, but I find it easier to stick to the shades offered in each set.


The shade range is slightly cooler toned than I usually go for. The purple, blue and smoky silver shades group together to create very rich looks, and as purple is a shade that complements my green eyes, this will probably be the quad I’ll turn to most often. It comes with three shades and a larger base colour that you can use to highlight with, blend with or as an all-over base colour to prep with. There is a nice mix of matte and shimmer shades, totalling 5 matte shades, 6 shimmer shades and 1 glitter shade.

Like previous palettes, these shadows have AMAZING pigmentation. Like the Shade Light Palette, they are very creamy and easily blended, and can be worked with zero effort. Unlike the Shade Light Palette I have noticed that they are more powdery than before, and you do get quite a lot of fallout with them. They aren’t chalky in the slightest, but I’d recommend tapping your brush to remove any excess before applying to the lid. Either that or doing your eyes first, so you can clean up any mess before applying foundation.


Lifelike, Hybrid Moments, Mezzanine, Transition
Lunar Lights, Glasswing, Melancholia, Black Milk
Lucid, Graphic Nature, Entombed, Tornay

I’d also recommend using a primer with them, too. I don’t know is this is because they aren’t all matte, but I do notice a little creasing after a few hours wear. I have hooded eyes, so this might just be my own issue, but I’ve found wearing an eye primer helps keep them sitting nicely.

Despite not being a palette I could reach for everyday, I do enjoy using this palette, and I like the injection of colour this palette offers. I wouldn’t say it’s overtaken my Shade Light palette as my favourite, but it is definitely worth investing in if you are more experimental with colour, or like the formula of Kat Von D products. You won’t be disappointed.

Kat Von D Chrysalis Eye Shadow Palette is available from Debenhams for £37.00.


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  1. This looks like a lovely palette, I think the shades are too cool tone for my liking… thanks for sharing tho 🙂

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