What’s new, Pussycat? International Cat Day

I have two cats, both half Bengal; Percy, who is a ginger tom and Penny, who is a female tortoiseshell. And I bloody love them to death!

I’ve not always been a cat person. Actually, up until three years ago I firmly fell in the Dog Lovers camp. I always thought that dogs were more loyal and affectionate; after all, cats have servants, not owners. But I could not have been more wrong.

It was my husband Rob who suggested getting a cat. He had a cat previously when he lived at home, which was adopted from his cousins ex-girlfriend when she couldn’t look after it anymore. But for one reason or another, the cat was re-homed again and Rob missed him. So when we eventually moved in together it was always brought up about getting one.

Due to the fact we lived in a flat at the time it wasn’t possible, but when we eventually moved into our house, I relented and we brought two kittens. Enter Penny and Percy.

They were the cutest little kitties I’ve ever seen. All big eyes and ears, and so playful. I was always under the assumption that cats were very aloof, but not these two: there was nothing more that they enjoyed than curling up on your lap and having endless amounts of fuss and cuddles.

And that hasn’t changed. They’re now almost 3 and are more loving and playful than ever. What I love the most about them is they are so different in terms of personality; Percy is so funny and inquisitive, independent but homey at the same time, whereas Penny lives in her own little bubble, and is so affectionate.

Don’t get me wrong, they get on my nerves sometimes: I could kill Percy for clawing the corner of the sofa or the dining room chairs all the time, or the fact he’s completely destroyed the carpet outside our bedroom door. And Penny for constantly bringing dead birds, mice, frogs, bats (!) through the cat flap into the conservatory all the time.

But the fact is, our house wasn’t a home until we got them. And as much as they infuriate me, I never get tired of seeing their little faces when I get home from work, or the cuddles they give us each night.

International Cat Day is on 8th August.


2 thoughts on “What’s new, Pussycat? International Cat Day

  1. These two are just the cutest! It just goes to show that no matter how much they annoy you, a pet can capture your heart and you love them regardless.
    -El x

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