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On the 15th August 2017 we’ve been married 4 years. 4 Years! I cannot believe how fast this time has gone! I’ve always tried to make out Wedding Anniversary special for my husband. We never really celebrated our normal anniversary because it was too close to Valentines Day (And we don’t even celebrate that anymore!) so I try and do little things to make it memorable for him. 

I tend to follow the Anniversary gifts according to year. These start out fairly easy and cheap, and obviously become more expensive for the anniversary year (I’d better start saving for 60 Years – diamond!!).

I do this more for sentimental reasons, and therefore don’t spend a fortune on gifts. It’s more about making my husband smile than spoiling him with something expensive! Pinterest and Etsy are my go-to places for gift ideas, there’s so much you can do!

I tend to follow the traditional gift list, as seen below:

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Image taken VIA Pinterest –

1st Year – The traditional gift is paper, so instead of just giving my husband a reem of paper I tried to think a little outside the box. I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, and he’s read a couple of the books, so I got him tickets (Paper, get it?) to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Studio Tour in London.

I also made him a HUGE chocolate bar card. I also did this for our wedding day, so decided to reenact this. You basically write your partner a letter, and fill in some of the words with bars of chocolate. Always fun to see and read, and definitely good to eat!

NOTE: This was the Wedding Day one I made for Rob. I couldn’t find the photo of our anniversary one anywhere!!

You could always get your partner concert tickets to their favourite band/singer, art gallery tickets would be a lovely gift, or even a first edition or special edition of their favourite book.


2nd Year – This year was cotton, and I found it quite difficult to think of something unique. What I decided on was a blanket, which we took on a picnic. I also got a customised cushion case with our initials and two cats with their tails entwined.

I really liked the idea of a monogrammed dressing gown, but couldn’t find any within my budget.Close Up of a Diamond Ring

Other good ideas you might consider are bedding, or clothing. I saw on Pinterest were maps printed on canvas of where you met, or where he proposed, but there’s no way I’d be able to make this myself! I toyed with the idea of cotton candy and a trip to the fair, but never got around to it!


3rd year – Leather. Even harder to think of something unusual and unique. I went onto Estsy (The undisputed champion for all things unique and unusual) and found him some personalised headphone holders, to stop his headphone wires getting tangled.

Again, I considered belts, watches and wallets, but they weren’t unusual enough for my liking! I loved the idea of a leather bound photo album, but it wasn’t working out cost effective so I scrapped the idea in the end.

Analog watch, blur, classic


4th Year – This years choice was either fruit and flowers, or linen or silk depending on whether you’re following the American or British version. To cover all bases, I tried to get a bit of both! First, I picked up some fruity ciders (my Husbands favourites!, and some strawberries, which I dipped into chocolate and decorated in the shape of a flower bouquet (Idea came from Pinterest). I then got a heart shaped cutter and cut different melons into hearts, and added it to a fruit salad. We had a lovely candlelit dinner after Owen had gone to bed, and I broke out the strawberry bouquet and fruit salad for pudding.

Brown Baked Food on White Ceramic Round Plate With Stainless Steel Fork


Next year – Year 5 – is wood, so I’d best get cracking on the gift!

Do you do anything special to celebrate your anniversary? Let me know in the comments; I’d love to know!


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