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I always love trying new makeup brands, so when I saw an article raving about the prices and quality of Beauty Pie, I thought I’d see for myself what it was all about, and whether there were any new favourites.

Basically, the digital only makeup brand is owned by Soap & Glory (We all know how amazing those guys are…) which allows you to buy quality makeup directly from factories, effectively cutting out the middle man and the markup that goes alongside them. This means that a foundation usually costing £30 upwards can be sold for £4.75 – not cutting back on the quality but the ridiculous prices for packaging, overheads, marketing etc.


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Their website gives you a handy little breakdown of everything you are paying for so you can see how much a normal foundation brought over the counter is marked up, and know exactly what your money is buying you. There is a slight catch to this, though…

You have to become a member to receive the discount. 

For £10 a month (3 months minimum) you can become a member of Beauty Pie, which means you are given access to their entire range of makeup and skin care. You can buy products up to the value of £150 per month, and if you don’t spend this it automatically rolls over to the next month. This doesn’t mean you can spend £150 per month; you can only buy products at a reduced price up to this value.

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With this in mind, I placed my first order; a £10 membership fee and 5 products worth £150, for which I paid the grand total of £37. For this months purchases, I decided to go down the makeup route, and ordered products that I would use on my base. Next month – eyes and lips, and the third month skin care.

I wasn’t expecting much in terms of the packaging. One of the big appeals to this idea is rock bottom prices, which means that obviously the packaging isn’t going to be what you would usually expect for high-end items. Quite frankly, I like fancy packaging as much as the next person but if I can get a high-end foundation for 85% off, I’ll skip the fancy packaging.

And to be totally honest, I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy the packaging actually felt. The compacts come in a very smooth glossy black plastic, quite weighty, with a sturdy hinge and big mirror (Something I wasn’t expecting AT ALL). The foundation comes in a lovely frosted glass bottle with a pump (another thing I wasn’t expecting!). You could definitely travel with these and sleep easy knowing they aren’t going to get damaged. I certainly wasn’t expecting to receive the quality I did. So far so good…

Everyday Great Skin Foundation in the shade Fair (150) Shell – RRP £30, membership price £5.33
There are 3 foundations on offer, but I thought I’d go for the one that offered a photo-perfect finish’ as it is what I’d usually look for in a foundation. The shade I went for was the lightest one that was yellow based, but there are a couple of pink toned ones and ones for those with darker skin tones. There are 10 shades on offer in this range, which is perfectly fine for a starting point, but I would like to see them expand the range to suit more of us.

The Velvetizer Translucent Matting Powder  in the shade Fair 100 – RRP £25, membership price £3.73
There were so many powders to choose from in a variety of different shades, including translucent. I’ll come straight out and say that I absolutely love this powder. It’s quite tightly packed, so you do need to loosen it up slightly, but it looks great on the skin and feels very lightweight. Paired with this foundation, it does a great job of setting it and does a good job of blurring my pores and imperfections too. If anything, it is a shade too light, but this can easily be fixed with a little bronzer. It seems to work well with my oily skin, too, but this is something I’ll have to test over the course of the day.

Quantum Bronzer in the shade Ain’t no Sunshine – RRP £26.00, membership price £2.87
I do love a good bronzer, but I have to say this was the one product I was disappointed in. In the pictures it looked like it would be more matte, but I was disappointed to find it was straight up glitter. On the skin it doesn’t look as shimmery as it does in the compact, especially when you take off the first layer of product – but I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing a shimmery bronzer on my face. It is a very fine shimmer, but not something I could use on my normal skin tone without fear of looking like a glitter ball. It is also a little more orange than I usually go for on a daily basis. With a tan, however … who knows?

Moonlighting Balm Radiance Powder in the shade Supernova – RRP £26.00, membership price £2.57
This intrigued me as it looked like a cross between a highlighter and a blusher. It was actually a hard decision, because all three shades looked gorgeous, so I might need to buy another one next month.

This particular shade is a slightly peachier version of Nars Orgasm, and is definitely more highlighter than blush. In fact, on the skin it practically blends into this gorgeous peach champagne highlight that would be so perfect for the summer months. This is genuinely like butter to blend – so creamy – and is probably my favourite product in the whole order. It genuinely reminds me of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders.

Pro Glow Sculpting Face Palette – RRP £32.00, membership price £5.71
This comes with a face powder, contour, highlight and blush. As there were only liquid contour products, this was the only powder contour available, which happened to come in a handy little set. This comes in a cardboard package as opposed to the plastic casings, but it is magnetised and does feel sturdy.

The prep and set face powder feels very similar to the powder I brought before, and would be great for travel. The contour shade is a neutral shade that would be perfect for my skin tone, but I’m not sure how those with darker skin would fare with this particular shade. The highlighter is a cream product, but looks very glittery on the skin so I doubt I would use it, whereas the powder blush is a gorgeous rosy pink shade that looks great on my skin tone. All of the powder products seem to have the same creamy finish that is easy to blend, and the highlighter, although not to my taste, seems very easy to use also.

Generally speaking, I am very impressed with what I’ve seen from Beauty Pie so far. There are a few little kinks that could be ironed out – a wider range of bronzer and contour products for starters, but on the whole the products I’ve chosen have been impressive, and I’m interested to see what the rest of their ranges are like.

Are they worth the money? Definitely, 100%. Even with the monthly membership fee you’re still paying a hell of a lot less that most High Street or High End products, and the quality is equal to them – if not better. And whilst their shade ranges aren’t the most inclusive, there is definitely room to expand upon, and  I’m sure that everyone would be able to find something to suit their needs.


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