Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

This is one brand that I’ve heard so many people talking about, for so many different products. With claims that each of the high-tech formulas creates that radiant ‘glow from within’ look that softens and creates a flattering ‘light source’ on the skin, it’s no wonder that their products are expensive and highly sought-after.

I was so INCREDIBLY lucky to find this at a car boot sale (I know, right?!) and immediately snapped it up. It was boxed, unopened and had been an unused Christmas gift to the woman I brought it off for £10! When it retails at £59.00 on the SpaceNK website, I hands down got myself a bargain!

I’d been eyeing up their finishing powders and blushers for a while, but at £42.00 and £32.00 respectively, I haven’t been able to justify the amount – even on months I’m feeling particularly flush. The beauty about trying this particular palette out is I get to try 3 of their best-selling powders for a fraction of the price to see if A) They are worth the money and B) If it is something I will get good use out of.


Basically, the hype around these powders stems from the fact that they are completely soft, finely milled powders that are designed to give dimension to the face, even after you’ve applied a foundation and primer to mattify and even out your skin. Instead of your skin looking flat and 2 dimensional, their “state of the art technology” powders are designed to simulate different lighting effect by either diffusion, softening or highlighting the skin. Kind of like a light-box for the face.

This palette comes with the powders Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light. Dim Light is a neutral beige toned powder that is the most matte out of the trio. It creates a lovely sheen to the skin, setting your base without looking too powdery. I do notice a slight blurring of the pores too, so it does soften the features very subtly. Incandescent Light is a limited edition shade only found in this palette. It is slightly more pink toned than Dim Light, and is a lot more highlighter-like also. It doesn’t make your skin shimmer, but when it catches the light it makes your skin glow like you’ve been in the sun. Don’t be confused with a bronzer; it doesn’t colour the skin too much, but it does add a natural glow. Radiant Light is a golden beige colour with a slight shimmer, but not quite as shimmery as Incandescent Light. This is the darkest of the three, which on my skin came out slightly bronzed. It creates a very natural sun-kissed look, but is rather warm toned so do go lightly!


In terms of quality, these powders are very special, and I do think that the hype is real. I especially like Dim Light, so if I were to purchase any of them full size, then this would be the one I’d buy as it’s the most flattering and versatile. However, I am hesitant about this palette.

Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely powders and they are definitely worth the money if you like luxurious products. It’s so handy having a powder, highlighter and bronzer in the same palette, and they do look beautiful on the skin. But I don’t see the difference between these and other finishing powders I’ve tried – both Higher End and High Street. Quantity wise, you get quite a small amount of product in each pan, and for the money I don’t think that this is worth it.

For the £10 I paid for it – a complete bargain. Would I spend £59.00 on it? No way!


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