Testing Beauty Pie Makeup: Part 2

Another month, another haul! As I said in my last Beauty Pie testing post, this month I was going to focus on the lips. I also wanted to include eyes, but my Beauty Pie £150 budget wouldn’t stretch that far!

I didn’t get as much for my £150 limit. I only spent £20, but the items were worth a lot more so the budget instilled on me by Beauty Pie only allowed for 5 items. Due to this, I mainly focused on lipsticks because these are what I get a lot of use out of. I only like to use 1 or 2 mascaras at a time, so it’d be a while before I got round to testing the ones in this order!

Super Luminous Concealer in the shade 100 (Pink undertone) RRP £22.00, brought for £2.69 – I am so picky when it comes to the concealers I wear; I pretty much hate every one I buy except from my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. I am quite self-conscious about the bags under my eyes and the fine lines starting to appear, so I like to be quite picky about what I wear under my eyes so I don’t enhance these features. Similar to my Maybelline one, this concealer comes with a sponge to apply which I’m not the biggest fan of (unsanitary!) but I was quite surprised with the product overall. It was more liquid that I expected it to be so I assumed it would be quite a light coverage, but surprisingly it was rather full coverage! Only a small bit was applied, but it covered my entire under eye and cheek area! When patted in with a damp sponge it set very well and looked great, but there was a tiny bit of creasing after a while, despite being set with a powder. It was over the course of the day, so would need touching up after a few hours, but wore well in the process. I don’t usually go for pink undertones as I need a more yellow base to suit my skin colour, but this was a fairly good match, and incredibly brightening.

Future Lipstick Matte in the shade Power Up Pink (RRP £20.00, brought for £2.30) – I tend to float between matte and satin lipsticks depending on my mood, so I brought one of each to try. Power Up Pink is a beautiful coral fuchsia shade that is so perfect for the summer months! The formula really does remind me of MAC lipsticks; they glide on silky smooth, opaque in one swipe and last a hell of a long time. It also wore quire evenly throughout the day; I did need to touch up around mid afternoon, but I wasn’t left with a funny lip line for an uneven wear. There’s also quite a shade range for the lipsticks that is lacking in their other ranges, so something to suit everyone’s taste.

Future Lipstick Satin in the Shade Knockout Punch (RRP £20.00, brought for £3.07) – I tend to prefer satin lipsticks as they are more forgiving on the lips, so I was more interested in seeing how this formula compares to some of my favourites. The shade is a typical “my lips but better”; a rosy pink with brown undertones, and I have to say I love it! The colour is perfect for everyday use, it wears brilliantly on the lips and feels so comfortable to wear. I brought a lip liner to go with it, but you could get away with not using one too.

Moisture Lock Wondergel Lip Liner in the shades Love Nest and Rummy Pink ( RRP £15.00 each, brought for £1.50 each) – I find it very difficult to get excited about a lip liner, because they aren’t something I tend to buy unless I absolutely have to. Because of this I don’t have a lot to compare these to, but I found the Beauty Pie formulas to be creamy and pigmented; they were easy to apply and didn’t feather at all! Rummy Pink is a gorgeous nude shade very similar to Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk, whilst Love Nest is a bright fuchsia pink. They also perfectly matched the lipsticks I brought, too.

Overall, this second haul was just as impressive as the first in terms of quality, and they are all products that will get a lot of use. One thing I have noticed about Beauty Pie is the lack of shades in some ranges, but the lip based products are varied and plentiful. I would like to see some swatches on their website, as sometimes it can be a little play-by-ear in terms of finding a perfect match – it isn’t always easy to see which shade would suit my skin tone from the pictures – but this may come at a later stage as the range expands.

I’m not sure about the £150 budget you are given; this equates to the total cost of the RRP value of products, which can sometimes only allow 4 items. Maybe if the budget was £175 or £200 it would be worth committing to long-term. I do think that it is worth paying the subscription fee for access to such affordable and high quality makeup, though, and I am absolutely looking forward to testing their skin care products out next month!


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