Achieving Pore-fection

Anyone with oily skin will know that pores are the bane of your existence. Enlarged pores on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin are instantly made larger and more noticeable by the production of oil, and can be difficult to mask.

It’s not as easy as ‘closing’ your pores. In the words of Caroline Hirons ‘they don’t close, they aren’t a door’. And she’s completely right. You can’t get rid of them completely, and they probably aren’t that noticeable to anyone other than yourself. But if you’re anything like me they’re still a source of annoyance, so there are things that you can do to make them less noticeable and keep them looking healthy and less clogged!

Skincare is the best form of makeup you can have, so to achieve pore-less perfection you need to tackle the basics first…

Wash your face
No, seriously. Slap on a bit of cold water daily; it’ll help remove any grime or leftover makeup to stop your pores getting clogged. It’s a complete myth that cold water helps shrink pores; it only helps clean the skin to prevent further congestion.

Use a facial cleanser
A gentle one that removes all makeup and grime is perfect. Choose one with salicylic acid to help slow down oil production, and hyaluronic acid to plump and firm skin.

Don’t skip toning!
This is an important step as a way of removing any last traces of makeup, but it is also incredibly important as it balances the PH balance of your skin. Make sure you find one without any traces of alcohol.

Achieving a ‘pore-less’ complexion is like building a house; first you lay the foundations, then you start building…

Invest in a decent primer
And by invest, I don’t mean go and splash the cash on something expensive and high-end. Do your research. Find a primer to suit your skin type and your budget. There are some brilliant products out there that blur pores and imperfections, or mattify your skin so excess oil doesn’t show imperfections. Find something that works best with what you need it for.

Find a foundation that works for your skin
If you are oily and want to hide enlarged pores, a matte foundation is the one to go for. Ones that create a dewy look, or make the skin ‘glow from within’ only serve to draw attention to any imperfections. With a matte finish it will disguise your pores and create a more even skin texture.

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Powder goes a long way!
There’s no point having the perfect foundation if it slides around your face for most of the day! A light dusting of translucent powder locks everything down, and prevents it fading or moving through the course of your day. Don’t overdo it, though! Just add a light dusting to set your foundation, otherwise your skin may look a little flat!

Blotting sheets are a must have
With the temperature rising during the summer months, combating oily skin gets harder and harder. But there really is no better way to freshen up your makeup than with a blotting wipe.Just toss a pack into your bag, and you’ll have a matt, shine-free finish whenever you want!

Finish with a makeup setting spray
If you want your makeup to last into day-to-night with minimal pores on show, these babies are worth the investment! They set all you hard work in place, and nothing will budge! Urban Decay do a great ‘all-nighter’ spray, as do Makeup Revolution!

Let me know your tips for minimising the appearance of pores!


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