What I got for my Birthday 2017

I’m always a little wary of posting these posts, because I’m not sure if they’d be seen as bragging. However I love seeing all the things other people get for their birthdays, so I thought I’d share mine too…

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette – My Husband asked me what I’d like for my birthday, and this was one of the things on the list that I gave him. I wasn’t expecting this as it was the most expensive thing there, but he surprised me! I’ve seriously had my eye on this for about a year, so I’m seriously chuffed to finally own it! I don’t have any Too Faced eye shadow palettes but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. It smells delicious and the colours are gorgeous, I can’t wait to try this!

Morphe Eye shadow Palettes 350 and 35F – I was incredibly surprised to receive, not 1, but 2 Morphe palettes! I’ve mentioned these a lot in conversation with Rob, and it’s nice to think that he actually pays attention to me because he ordered the two palettes I’ve had on my wish list for ages! Everytime I go to order these they’ve been sold out, but the jammy bugger managed to get BOTH palettes first time!

Disney Princesses Mug, The Disney Shop – Everyone knows I love Disney (who doesn’t?) so my Sister brought me a mug with baby princesses on, ready for when I started my new job at the start of September. As of yet, I haven’t taken this to work as it’s too nice and I don’t want it to get broken, so I’ve been using it for my morning cups of tea at home.

disney mug

Funko Pop, Dumbledore – Me and my Husband have this thing where each birthday or Christmas, we’ll buy each other one. I’ve been collecting the Harry Potter ones, and he’s been collecting the Star Trek and Star Wars ones. This is my latest addition to the 4 I currently own, and no doubt I’ll be adding one more to my collection later this year!

Harry Potter Marauders Map Mug – Another mug! I said in my Birthday Wishlist post that I was looking for a mug for my new job, and now I have two! This one is also too nice to take to work; it’s a heat changing mug, and switches to ‘mischief managed’ when you add a hot drink.

Lighted Candles on Cupcakes

Money – My mom and Dad, Grandad and In-Laws all gave me some money to spend, so I’ll probably go and buy a few new tops for work. As I’ve started a new job recently I’ve been using this as a new excuse for an updated wardrobe, so I might go and see what Primark and Next have on offer! I could also do with a new face cream, so I might see if there’s anything I fancy at Kiehls.

I have to say that this year I’ve been one spoiled girl! It goes without saying that I’m very grateful for everything I receive; at 29, I definitely thought this would have ended by now, so I’m very thankful that they care so much about me.

Next year’s the big Three-Zero – I’m dreading it!

Love Gemma signoff


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