Baby Feet Foot Mask: Does it really work?

I was browsing through my Instagram feed when I came upon a sponsored video selling foot masks, something I’ve never heard of before. I was amazed (and a teeny bit repulsed) to see that these foot masks take off the top layer of dead or hardened skin, and I HAD to see these for myself!

The masks being advertised were too expensive for something that I wasn’t sure would work, so I had a look on eBay and Amazon to see what products were available, and if they did the same job. There were a number of different masks being advertised that all seemed to be doing the same things, so I chose a reasonably rated one.

When the mask came, it was sealed in a foil pouch and the instructions were in Chinese – great start! When I looked in the questions listed on Amazon, I was able to figure out what I needed to do.

Basically, you need to soak your feet for at least 15 minutes to clean and soften the skin. After, dry your feet and slip them into the little booties containing the solution. I popped on some socks to keep them in place and so I could walk freely around the house, and left them on. According to the instructions you needed to keep them on for around 30 minutes, but from customer comments they recommended at least 45 minutes – longer if possible. After, you remove the booties and pat dry your feet.

This part was relatively easy and straightforward to complete. I ended up leaving the booties on for closer to 90 minutes whilst I was watching a film. It doesn’t sting or tingle like I expected; all in all, it didn’t feel remotely different. When I removed the booties my feet felt a little softer, but nothing particularly special.

According to the directions, you need to soak your feet daily for around 20 minutes in order for the solution to work, and then pat dry. This I used to do in my daily showers as it seemed the most convenient.

4 days later

For the first few days, nothing happened. I’d soak and pat dry my feet, but to no avail. My skin felt very tight, almost like sunburn that was about to peel, or snake skin. It didn’t hurt, but wasn’t the most comfortable feeling when wearing shoes. About a week after I first applied the mask, one morning I noticed the skin on my heels was cracked and starting to peel, again like sunburn. The instructions said to leave the skin and resist the temptation to pick, so I left it and continued to soak and pat down my feet.

Then the flaking started. In equal fascination and disgust, the skin on my feet started to crack and flake off in huge pieces, leaving the softest skin I’ve ever had in its place. Even on the heels of my feet, where the skin can get quite rough and hardened, huge pieces of skin were coming off, leaving my heels smooth and fresh.

8 days later

In total (with a little picking!), it took around 4 days for the dead skin to disappear and my feet to look normal again. But the new skin was so soft and new, it genuinely was like having baby feet again.

Would I recommend? Absolutely. If you suffer from hard skin on your heels, then this product definitely works at clearing that skin away in favour of fresher, softer skin. I don’t think I’d use this if the skin on my feet was cracked or sore, as I believe it would sting and irritate your skin, but as a quick fix to soften skin where moisturizers don’t work it does the job well.

Although, I’d say to use this well in advance of sandle and flip-flop weather; I used this about 2 weeks before my summer holiday during those very hot June days we had, and my feet weren’t the most attractive!

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    1. Thanks for your comment ☺️ Yes, the skin would shed without picking it; I agree is is really gross! They’re definitely worth it though! X

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