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I first heard of this company in one of Zoella’s monthly favourites, quite a number of years ago, and it’s taken me this long to try them!

I really liked the idea of ‘layering’ your perfumes. This is something I do normally as I find it difficult to stick to one perfume at a time, so I loved the idea of buying single concentrated scents and ‘mixing and matching’ them to create something different!

The Library of Fragrance is a company based on the principles of using real and everyday fragrances to create a scent that is so completely unique and ‘you, that everyone will be drying to know where you got your perfume from! Using an extensive range of floral, fruity and fresh scents, to the more unusual and, frankly, bizarre (Gin and Tonic, or Play-dough, anyone?) you can mix and match so freely to create something that plays on your favourite food, time of year, or even a memory.

There were so many different scents that I actually found it very difficult to decide on a few, and it could be quite overwhelming if you aren’t sure what each scent is. Luckily, the website makes it very easy to mix scents based on what you normally like. For instance, I was really drawn to the scent Peony (I love the flowers!), but wasn’t sure what fragrance to match with it. Based on the handy list of scents that flatter the base scent, I was able to see ideal matches based on my preferences. As I quite like floral scents, I knew to pair it with Honeysuckle, or Thunderstorm for something a little more fresh. And the range is so extensive, you could quite easily layer two or three tones to find your perfect scent.

One tip that I would give you (Which I found on their website) is to spray each scent onto a card, similar to when you buy perfumes from a shop, so you can easily pair your scent with other tones to see what they smell like together. This allows you to see which fragrances flatter each other. But remember to write down your combinations!


I’d also recommend practicing ‘layering’ the fragrances, so you don’t end up with the more subtle notes being overwhelmed by some of the stronger notes. For example, the Honeysuckle fragrance is very strong, and overwhelms Peony, so I’ve found that I need 2 spritzes of Peony to every 1 of Honeysuckle. As Honeysuckle can be quite a heady scent, I then tend to leave it to ‘settle’ a little bit, and then ‘lighten’ it using Lychee to make it a little fresher.

Part of the fun is experimenting, though, so you’ll have a great time mixing and matching your fragrances to create a unique perfume, based on your current mood.

I especially can’t wait to try some of the Autumn and Winter fragrances; I absolutely love the sound of Marshmallow and Pumpkin Pie for Autumn, and I’m dying to mix my Christmas in New York fragrance with Gingerbread for Christmas!

Each bottle costs £15 for 30ml, but bearing in mind you only need 1 or 2 spritzes to mix with another scent due to the highly concentrated scents, this should last you a long time. I brough my first few bottles when they were on offer for £7.50, so keep an eye out for similar deals.

I absolutely love looking at the fragrance choices, and could spend hours playing around with different combinations. Let me know in the comments if you have any scents already, and do let me know if you decide to purchase any!

Love Gemma signoff

Library of Fragrance perfumes can be brought via their website, at £15 for 30ml. 


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      1. Looks like they might be! There are some strange scents, but I’ve liked the ones I’ve tried so far!

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